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And so for the rest of the episode she's calling him Daddy Frank, which is either the sickest thing in the world or Karen being, as usual, completely upfront about her attempts to figure out life. She couldn't get Frank to fuck her, so she's laying off on that and trying on a different outfit, where he's her dad. Which is the one thing that will actually work, because he thinks of himself as a father, but his actual kids are authentically used to his bullshit. So you've got Karen pretending to be a perfect daughter, which fits hugely with Frank's idea of himself as the perfect father. Where manipulation and emotional honesty meet, that's where Karen lives: Whether it's making out with other guys practically in front of Lip or showing Daddy Frank her whale-tail, she's just doing Karen. Which is why the people all love her.

"Ladies, I don't do school. We all have our phobias, and school is mine. All of it. Textbooks full of falsehoods, teachers' unions full of thugs, and tenured imbeciles who still use words like irregardless: Not for me." And Frank bounces in a hurry, which normally would be about not wanting to be the father figure in Karen's life because it smacks of responsibility -- which is a small, not huge part of it -- but actually is about his insecurity having to do with school. The one time he's being honest, and the one time he actually comes through for his kid, and it's not even his kid. And that's why Frank's story is actually pretty great this week, for once.

In Frank's absence Sheila continues to lie and delude about how she's going to Parents' Night: "I have a session today, I'm gonna have a breakthrough. I can see it!" And of course Eddie is mean about it both because he is mean and because he knows laughing at her will erode whatever willpower she's stored up, so Karen gets in his face, awesomely: "Keep laughing, and I will slit your throat while you sleep." Wouldn't that be something.

While Fiona's finishing up the breakfast run -- and getting real fucking tweaked about it -- Lip's friend Warren shows up to get a paper Lip wrote for him. Ian's cleaning out the fridge, and Steve says there's enough hot water left for one more shower, and then he notices that Fiona is flipping out. Carl didn't blow up the neighborhood, it was Fiona's flakiness, and he's like this happens to anybody, and she almost loses it.

"Not to me, okay? I'm not like this. Distracted." By what? Well, Steve's the only new thing in the mix, which makes him a problem because distraction is death, and he thinks they're being flirty. They are not. At this point wild-eyed Fiona nearly raising the coffee urn above her head and smashes it on the floor, is how stressed out she is by her sudden inability to do everything right and save everybody. Steve backs down and just offers to go get coffee and stop flirting around, because she is on the fucking verge.

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