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I don't even... What? It's rare that you would describe something as an actual "rant" or "rave" you don't mean that they are literally "ranting" or "raving," but that was some rabid bullshit right there. And of course the second he says nothing scares him, here come the goons. So then there's a long, long chase of Frank through all the alleys and things of Chicago, and eventually he steals a kid's skateboard and poons a ride from a garbage truck just like Yours Truly in Snow Crash. Which is fairly awesome, despite the bird-flipping hubris he sends the goons' way once one of them has a hammy problem in the middle of the road.

For her virtual shopping experience, Sheila will be getting Indian foods: Curry, fresh chicken, stuff for a tikka masala. "It's really kind of nice to be out and about," Sheila says, talking herself through it as usual, and then Malaya introduces the first fellow shopper. Sheila gives the virtual person a soft crazy hello, and enjoys that a little bit. But then somebody gets a little too close and she starts shivering.

"Sometimes when we're out and about," Malaya explains soothingly, "People shop for some of the same things. And they enter our space for a moment." Sheila, with a wiggins that is truly awesome to watch, skrrks out a slightly hysterical, "Yes. That's happening." Malaya walks her through saying hello to this interloper, and Sheila's like, "She seemed really nice."

All of a sudden, though, Malaya hits turbonium on the experience and Sheila's being propelled toward the big double doors of the store and the sunlight on the other side, and she's pulling back on her joystick -- "I still need vanilla and raisins and peaches!" and it's super tense. "No peaches in Indian food," Malaya says, unrelenting, and Sheila's screaming "No! There's peaches!" and just completely unspools, and tears off the helmet, and it's sad -- is this punishment, or a shot at redemption she keeps missing? -- and Malaya is like, the most concerned and supportive you can be while still not actually caring about people's made up problems.

Fiona's on the phone with Steve, apologizing for her nerviness and abruptness this morning, and he's sweet and good about it as usual. Splitscreen with him stealing a car, of course, so we remember how he do. "I love that there's a world where people go out to lunch," Fiona grins ruefully at his futile suggestion, and she fills him in on how Carl is going to get bounced out of school if she doesn't produce a worthwhile father for him in the next several hours. Finally, a problem Steve can't offer to swoop in and fix. It feels bad but it also feels clean. They say a friendly goodbye, the morning's BS forgotten.

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