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Fake Empire

Frank eats his pie, starts in on Sheila's; Sheila wants to cheer Karen up with a car, since Eddie reneged on that little deal. Frank offers to take the money and find her something real nice. "Maybe a Vulva," Sheila suggests, on her way to answer the door. "I heard those are real safe." Eddie smashes through the security chain when she opens the door, back into the house she's barred him from, but Frank's already out the back door.

Debbie tries to tell Fiona about Jimmy, but she assumes she's talking about the stolen car, so she pets her hair and kisses her and explains that life is messy, and people have secrets. "You're still a kid," Fiona says. "So just be a kid, okay?" Fiona asks. Fiona tells her baby sister the biggest lie of all.

"The grown-ups around here have got things covered."

Frank's hiding behind the bar at the Alibi Room when Eddie gets there; Kev covers for him, shoeless and shivering.

Steve asks Fiona to leave the kitchen lights off, when she comes downstairs; he doesn't want her to see his face. She shouts at him about giving the boys a stolen car, and he asks her to run away with him. "Costa Rica," he says, out of nowhere. "It's beautiful." She follows his change of subject gamely, asks as usual who will care for the kids, and as usual they talk about how Ian and Lip can do it with Kev and V's help, and it's the usual conversation so we don't really need to discuss it -- "When are you gonna finally do something for yourself?" he asks for the millionth time, and even does a near verbatim gloss on how old she'll be when Liam is of age -- but the endpoint is that he's leaving for Miami in the morning, they can get passports there, and head out of the country immediately after. He leaves, Lip's like in the shadows with words of support after he's gone; it's all very empty and rehearsed and whatever, lazy, unconvinced. Fake drama we've already worn out by this point.

Frank is now fully homeless, with Eddie still stalking the streets screaming his name and looking to kill him, well into the night. Next morning, his coworkers are crowded around his computer, watching his daughter fuck the man who stole his wife. Over at the Kash & Grab, Lip runs into some boys laughing about the old Gallaghers, what they're up to, and the cuter big one offers to take Daddyz Girl off his hands once their family's done with her. He races home, eventually finds a Wi-Fi connection, and fires up the video. By the time Karen leaves her house, no doubt to do more havoc, he's waiting.

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