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Which, I guess so, I guess that makes sense Kev, and even the next thing -- "All day, all she does is make decisions. Five kids? Fuckin' Frank? Stop asking her what she needs, fucking tell her" -- makes sense technically, but there are a couple of steps missing here that only make sense in the fullness of the episode, which has to do with the ongoing parallel between Sheila -- stuck in hell and too afraid to leave it -- and Fiona -- same deal -- so the advice does make sense. But in any other situation, "Don't let Fiona get away with thinking she knows what she's doing or that she's a rational adult" would be a shortcut to Crazytown. And also gross.

Ian shows up at Mickey's with a crowbar, and Mandy still thinks maybe they might turn their cover relationship into a real relationship, so she's confused when he takes his crowbar into Mickey's room and starts tossing the entire place. Luckily, Mickey is not around -- he's picking up Milkovich pére from prison, where I'm sure his previous involvement with white supremacy was a boon, so Mandy finally gets Ian out of there and cleans up the mess before Mickey goes crazy on everybody.

This old lady at the ATM immediately recognizes Frank under his sheer panty-hose fake -- and if you thought Frank was disgusting before, something about that sad desperate face all mushed up in pantyhose is so gross I actually formed fists -- and he pretends he has a gun and she's like, "What are you doing to do with that 'gun,' jack off with it? Go home." It's fairly funny, robbery of old ladies is not usually funny and the stupid fucking Betty White Old-Lady-Pottymouth thing has been dead on the vine for years at this point, but put together it's got enough of an edge that it becomes funny again.

So: Steve has dropped Liam off with Sheila, and it went like this: "Look after Liam? I'd love to! I can keep him in my room until Karen goes to college!" Steve's eyes bug out as he reacquaints himself with how crazy Sheila actually is, and then she puts on oven mitts so she can hold Liam, and it's sad and scary and crazy and hilarious as usual whenever Sheila is onscreen, and now Fiona's pissed at Steve.

He takes her out on the back steps to ask the meat-packaging Gallagher children if they will die without her, and they all give her permission to leave. Debbie's like, "Nooo!" and then giggles and it's all very cute, but then later we learn that he has paid them to say this, which is frankly unnecessary and sucks the charm out of this conversation entirely, so it's a wash. "So you're chained to this house?" She swears she's not a Labrador, chained to the house; she likes it here, and he's like, Okay, but you'll be like forty before Liam leaves.

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