Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father

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Whitesnake Moan

Well done. Fiona and Steve meanwhile make it back to Sheila's, and while she is realistic enough to know the whole escape/rescue thing is barely an interesting story she can't quite keep the crazy need and love of Liam off her face as they slowly get him into their arms and don't really notice how callous they're being when they casually tell her she can see him again soon, because nobody ever really notices other people's cages even when they're in the same cage as we are, so why would they even think about how Liam saved Sheila's life today, or care that she saved him right back?

And, for good or ill, the last thing Sheila does in this episode is head upstairs and pop her birth control into the toilet, first a pill at a time and then in a flood, which is okay by me only because she's managed to build a family around her that will keep the child from catching Rapunzel syndrome from her. I mean, look how awesome Karen is, and those kids will have the entire Gallagher army behind them. A bridge between the houses, which is necessary to the narrative but would also give Fiona and Sheila both another reason to leave when they need to.

Mandy brings home eggs to cook her father his first breakfast -- "Stop being such a prick, I'll even make you sausage" -- and he heads through Mickey's bedroom to piss, the two boys staring up from under the sheets through a few minutes of suspense and urination before the dad stops, turns around to tell them breakfast is coming, double-takes, and then keeps walking: "Put some clothes on, you two look like a couple of fags." Excellent scene. Nothing's funnier than an averted apocalypse, that's like most comedy right there.

The droogs come to Kev's, and he does a much better job of lying to them about how Frank killed himself last night, so they head over to the house for an over-the-top wake, everybody screaming and hairshirting and being hilarious, and then a bunch of complicated Gallagher machinery to convince them it's real, and they think about cutting off Frank's toes or fingers for proof, think about selling Debbie into the sex trade if she were prettier, and get them back to the bar for the funeral proper, which is itself concentrated on a coffin full of rank beef from the truck haul, and everybody drinking and everybody yelling and the ultimate disappearance of the droogs. And then Frank, drunkenly breaking the Alibi's TV again and replacing it this time with a credit card in Liam's name.

It's all very busy and very funny, but the episode isn't really about Frank because it never is, so mostly it's just the busywork of constructing a show around some simple ideas and jacking up a bunch of Frank Gallagher on top of it. So meanwhile, a few other things are also happening:

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