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Canadian Reach-Around
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The best part about a second episode is getting to see the credits... Usually. But since this one, true to form, involves various castmembers in the bathroom, doing a variety of private activities, we will go fast-forwarding into the breach immediately. No thank you. No thank you at all.

Frank's day starts with a broken shoelace, while Fiona stares at him stealing a replacement from one of the kids' and shaking her head. Outside, he can't manage to use the broken lace to tie back his hair, which equals the worst thing that ever happened, because he is a ridiculous person. Ian and Steve drive up with lunch for the rest of the family, and Frank gutterscums his way down the street.

At the Alibi Room, Kev's bar, they take up a collection to pay the upstairs tenant, Tommy, back for the pay-per-view MMA they're going to be stealing from him. It's all very communal. Frank makes his way in and steals a pint, while over at the Gallaghers' they're feasting on burgers. Lip introduces everybody to sweet Karen, and they sit down to watch one of those reality shows where they do dangerous jobs on a boat and hopefully die.

Karen's dad is at the bar, and when he sees Frank he headbutts him -- dropping, he keeps his pint aloft -- for Ian's "dirty adolescent prick" and where it ended up last week. The people in the bar can't seem to tell the difference between the beatings onscreen and the beatings in the bar, or else they don't care. Since it's Frank, it's kinda both.

Pride wounded and serious amounts of blood drying on Frank's admittedly adorable Modelo Especial t-shirt -- which it turns out is Ian's -- he comes home on a drunk rampage and menaces poor Ian, eventually headbutting him in turn. Steve jumps in and starts yelling at him, Fiona's horrified, they all stare and it's really gross for a while. Veronica holds onto Debbie, covering her eyes, but the little dear's got a cast-iron skillet in hand the second she's free. Frank turns his attentions on Steve, and Fiona gets him out of the house while everybody scurries around and freaks out and feels trashy some more. Frank whines that nobody's noticed he's bleeding, and spends some more time bitching about Steve.

Steve thinks about going back inside, but fuck them for being gross, and Fiona watches Frank clean up. He's ashamed of himself and sighs for forgiveness, but she's having none of it. Trying to get your own back by hurting somebody else is a great way to feel twice as worse. Finally he fesses up, sort of, but she doesn't speak.

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