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Canadian Reach-Around

Steve comes back soon enough with a recreational vehicle, making them literal trailer trash, and his dwarven accomplice -- complete with disgusting Axl Rose ginger-dreads -- explains that he's a smuggler by trade and will have no problems sneaking Frank back across the border.

Tony comes back after the boys are gone, and asks homeworkin' Lip for a moment alone. Fiona's doing dishes and completely ignoring the total love of Tony, due to her oblivious self-hatred, and when Tony asks what the deal is with Steve she doesn't know for sure. "CYO Basketball League Awards Banquet is next week, at St. Stephens. There's a chance I might get Coach of the Year." God, he's perfect. She's like, "How nice for you!"

Tony asks Fiona to escort him to the banquet with some sweet talk -- "They're eight, so mostly it's just helping them get the ball anywhere near the basket... One of the kids always licks the ball before he takes a shot, I have no idea why" -- and she's shocked, but pleased to accept. Steve's gotten her just far enough to see that good men are a possibility.

Frank wakes up in the trailer's crawlspace and starts chomping on the drugs they're smuggling back home, sucking water off a drainpipe leak; out in the van they're watching more MMA. When they arrive, the entire neighborhood's there with Canadian flags, cheering him and pissing him off. Fiona shakes her head at Steve, down in the crowd; now she has even better reason not to forgive him.

Debbie's happy to see Frank, of course, even after he yells at her about the Canadian beers she got him special, and Fiona sends her off for clean clothes. "Don't ever hit one of my kids again," she tells him, and won't let him cut her off: "Never again."

It's a line she's drawn in her head more than once, but maybe not as often aloud as she should. It's pretty touching to hear her say it out loud. Frank changes the subject to Steve, and his sputtering rage puts the smile back in her eyes. "He's the one who got you back!" she nearly smiles, and Frank informs her he knows damned well who put him there in the first place.

"When I woke up in Toronto, in a park, looking like a fucking homeless tweaker, all I could smell was Drakkar Noir. Middle of a park: Drakkar Noir. I just spent five hours with him in that camper? Same fucking smell!" Steve doesn't wear Drakkar. Lip perhaps, Kev certainly. The hotly anticipated Mickey Maguire, maybe. Not my Steve.

Debbie and Frank bond profanely while he's packing up his shit, and he whines that she's the only one that missed him. "No. Because Carl said, The cable's off. Where's the ladder? and Lip said, Dad's the only one who knows what to do on the pole." they discuss Toronto and its sights, and he tells her about fifteen lies, and I think she knows that, but it's nice to see them together, no matter how shitty he is, because Debbie is the only likeable thing about Frank Gallagher.

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