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Canadian Reach-Around

That's when Frank leaves. Not because it's a grotesquerie, but because he's got to buy flowers and tie back his hair and seduce Sheila Jackson into giving him her disability check, too. Luckily, it's Joan Cusack we're talking about, which means maybe it could be love after all. He heads over there and apologizes for how her husband left her and her daughter sucked his whole family's cocks, and she eventually invites him in.

He takes his shoes off, grossing her out with his feet, and she serves him tea from a very cute service, and they talk about how he has so many kids, and her eyes go wide: She loves kids. She misses when Karen was a baby, and never left the house she herself can't leave; every word he says is calculated to touch her in her deepest places, and once he starts crying he knows he's got her by the short ones. When she interrupts herself to complain about his sickening feet, he has to turn it up; he starts screaming about leaving her home and then complains about how there's no hot water in his house. "We've got hot water," she suggests, and he's gotten himself so riled up he forgets himself: "Hey, congratufuckinlations!" But no, she means he can take a bath. So he does, with a beer, and it is delightful.

Steve shows up and Lip lets him in, the better to torture him with Fiona's total hate of him. He doesn't talk, only answers questions in maddening ways, and it's fairly excellent. They talk about how Steve might fix it, given the hugeness of stealing somebody's father and wasting two days getting him back. Maybe one in ten, Lip says: "Pretty colossal fuck-up... You're moderately clever; you'll figure something out, right?" Steve tries to flatter him about how he's in AP Bio Chem, but of course Lip isn't having that, so he heads upstairs. No advice, Lip says, on diving back into his sister's "cooch," as he puts it, or her "good graces," as Steve puts it. "Same thing, right?" Hopefully, Steve grins, once again striking out entirely. He really doesn't get Lip at all, does he?

Sheila brings Frank some of Eddie's old clothes, and it only takes a few seconds of her admiring his "lean" busted alcoholic body before he drops the towel, and they discuss his dick in super detail. "I never saw Eddie's. It always had to be pitch-black for Eddie. I saw an outline once in a thunderstorm, but... It was like a rolled-up pair of socks..." Things get amazingly creepy in record time, and she's so fucking electrically intense that Frank actually manages to come off sexy for a moment or two. They realize they're all alone, and that it's time to fuck.

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