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Black Like Monica

Of course, Ian can't ask Mickey's sister about this as anything other than her BF/BFF -- she hasn't visited, "those dyke guards pat you down like amateur gynecologists" -- and she returns what seems like a fairly comforting question by asking how Kash is doing. Seems a couple of the Neighborhood Watch ladies came by and offered to throw him a parade for being the victim of whatever. Another thing that would make more sense in British.

"Kash had better move his family back to Baghdad before Mickey gets out," Mandy says -- she's still a Milkovich -- and Ian is appalled in an intellectual sense by this ("He's from Evanston!") but also can't tell her that her brother will not be retaliating. Unless he does, which would be funny. Lip comes strolling up and there is a flirtatious moment with Mandy that is horrifying to consider, and then the boys run off to investigate the doings of the moms.

Fiona has the ugly responsibility of explaining to Tony that the "somebody" who bought Old Mr. Harris' house was in fact Steve and that she is sort of living there, and Tony goes a little bit colder and a little bit deader inside, but Fiona can't deal with that at all so she just wanders away and gets V's help carrying the new sofa upstairs. V is wearing stiletto boots for this responsibility, which is I think the first incompetent thing she's ever done.

Inside Steve's house, Frank is hanging around having broken in, and after some throat-clearing bitching at each other he lets Fiona know about the new deal, which is that she has to make nice with Monica -- perhaps even pretending to let them take Liam -- until Frank gets his money. He makes a somewhat valid point about the likelihood of Monica getting bored with Liam after a few days, but obviously this is not a chance that Fiona is willing to take; he then fucks up irrevocably by accusing Fiona of desertion and decampment, and she trenches in, and he gets pretty scary in her face about getting his money, because that's how addicts do, and Fiona realizes that she needs to reinvolve herself in this situation in which she keeps uninvolving herself.

When Frank gets to the Alibi Room, Kev cutely delivers a message to him from Sheila about how she's making her famous pot-roast, and he finally comes clean to the bar about how he's sort of still in love with Monica and may or may not have gotten his hopes up, what with the settlement, about getting back together with her. Also, he is wicked ambivalent about Sheila all of a sudden, which sucks because she's pretty much the only redeemable thing about Frank and they make each other better people, but that would be another thing addicts are funny about: Getting better.

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