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Running Up That Hill

Q: "...He's had an easy life."
A: "Definitely," she spits.

She tries to turn it around on him: She likes guys who've been around the block, who've been to jail, who know how to have fun. The diametric opposite of Steve, that's what Fiona likes. That's what Fiona deserves, and they both know it. Making this a particularly cruel game. Spoiled.

Q: "Fiona, I can't help my upbringing."
A: "So how come it's me again having to apologize for mine?"Q: "Who's asking you to?"

Only everyone. White people say color doesn't matter and rich people say class doesn't matter but the only reason they get to say that is because we're carrying them on our backs. The inability to believe in a world where it doesn't show on your face, isn't the first thing they notice, think. To imagine a person or a place or a time where the most interesting thing about you is the thing you hate the most.

But not Steve, you can tell. With Frank on the floor and Liam upstairs he came back, again and again, with her face memorized and a yen to spoil her, and love her, and enjoy his life, and watch her dance. So when he asks her to wait outside while he pays the bill, she knows she won't run. Not immediately. And the second she's gone, he slips the waitress a stack of bills and steals a valet jacket, and before you know it he's got a strange man's ride. He pulls up in front of the restaurant, grinning at her.

"I don't buy and sell cars. I just sell them. But the cars I sell are mainly... Not mine. Still looking for fun, Fiona?"

Maybe he was saving this for the second date. She can't believe him. Tell me to stop and I'll stop.

A: "Go."

In her head it sounds like she shouted it. Like they could hear it in the suburbs.

There's glass on the floor where Karen smashed the window; Lip's there helping clean up, helping board over the windows. Sheila bounces on her toes, in the kitchen where she feels safest. "I'm a bit off today, aren't I Karen? So, vodka? I could do Slow Comfortable Screws... Plenty of tequila, I think I'm out of lime, um, definitely gin fizz..." "Just a couple of Cokes, Mom," says Karen, and Sheila grins hugely, madly: "And some beers?"

Whatever it's about, she's not going to stop; Lip steps in. "Beers. Great, Sheila. Thanks."

Back at the window Lip asks about Karen's dad, what will happen if he comes home, but he's not coming home. "He's been looking for an excuse for months." They work on the boards and Lip finally asks her impression of Ian, his brother whose cock she sucked. He seems nice. "Right, but did he pitch a tent? Did you make him hard?" It looks so harsh on paper. They're kids, discovering science. He's a kid, trying to solve a mystery. "Ever try to play pool with a rope?" she says, answering the question, and the beers appear.

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