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Jon cut his girl's hair into a spiky red short cut with longer bangs, and tries to claim that she could go from roller derby to Chanel pantsuit. He gets some laughter from Jonathan and Camila at that because... no. It's a really cute cut, but it's more Rock & Republic than Chanel. Faatemah put her girl's hair up into what Jonathan points out is a pretty messy updo, considering a '50s look like she was going for needs to be sleek. Brian notices his model has a "who farted face," and clearly hates her hair, and rightfully. It's super sloppy, amateur '40s look, with terrible color that not just no longer pops, but is super drab. Jonathan isn't impressed. Adee calls his own work average but then blames it on his girl's overprocessed hair, and she doesn't look entirely thrilled by his honesty even though Jonathan appreciates it. He basically cut off a few inches and gave her flippy layers, leaving her hair dark with blue streaks. If she didn't have the color, it would be completely boring. Matthew had a girl who had Mohawk with Kate Gosselin bangs to begin with, which was brown with some blonde streaking. He dyed it super light blonde and smoothed it out some, keeping the long bangs, and Jonathan says he did everything he could have with that cut, which is meant as a compliment, and he and the girl seem happy with it. Amy is up last, and her girl now has awesome, thick, dark, glossy hair with a couple of purple streaks that goes from shoulder length on one side to a few inches longer. While I can never look at that kind of cut without imagining how it would drive me absolutely insane on my own head, she looks totally great and Jonathan is really pleased.

He then chooses his bottom three: Faatemah, Brian, and Janine, all of whom I totally agree with. His top three are Amy, Giacomo, and Arzo, which are also the three I would have picked. My favorite was actually Arzo but I have no problem at all when he announces Amy as the winner because she also did a fantastic job. She wins first choice of model the next day, and then Camila dismisses them all.

The gang head to their digs, which are of course awesome and beautiful, and there is champagne waiting with the label covered with tape so we don't see the brand that didn't give permission to be on TV. They have a toast, and Adee toasts Amy for her win. Brig takes a different approach, and tells everyone that she's the best one there and going to beat them all. Everyone clearly thinks this is a little bit ridiculous but they play along (for now) and clink glasses.

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