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Adee's girl has her hair pulled up into a sort of mushroom-do of frizz, and then has her horrible hair collar around her neck. The problem is that you can still see the girl's nipples, and it's kind of hilarious how the camera keeps panning in to prove it but they've had to blur them out and did a fairly good job, so you don't actually see anything at all. He tries to defend it as editorial and sexy, but it's not what he was supposed to do. Joey's girl comes out and I like her actual hair, which is big and wavy with red-orange pieces underneath, but then she has this giant rope-like hair necklace, and from there the pieces come down that preserve her modesty. Joey doesn't like that she strikes a couple of unnecessary poses on the runway, but he should be more worried about that necklace. Arzo's model is next, and her hair is half pulled back, in a bouffant on top and wavy on the bottom. Like some others it's simple, but it gets the job done just fine. Brig's girl then comes out and has used rubber bands to do her crocheted effect, the hair pulled down and then criss-crossed across her sternum, with the ends all frizzed out and crazy, but covering her nips. And with that, the first show is over, and the contestants are dismissed.

The actual judging panel takes place in a separate room, not on the runway. The four judges are on stools facing the contestants and Camila reminds them all how this works. She then calls Matthew, Jon, Faatemah, Brian, Arzo and Giacomo's names -- they are all safe, but none of them are the winner of the challenge. Amy is then the first up of the remaining stylists to defend her style; unsurprisingly the hair bikini was not a hit. Kim gets saddled with a clunker of a joke, saying it was "discontinued in 300 B.C. because it's a prehistoric push-up bra." Thank goodness he's better at color than stand-up. Brig is up next, and to my chagrin Jonathan really liked it, though the designer didn't like the fact that the eye was drawn more to the hair than the swimsuit. Joey tells them he was going for loose and beachy, but Kim says it looks too harsh. Joey makes a completely amateurish mistake and tries to blame his model's dance moves on the runway as part of the problem, but Camila promptly calls him on it. Janine tells the judges about her sea nymph idea, and they all love the result. Camila asks April in what direction she was going, and April talks about how happy she was with how much hair her model had. Kim likes the color, but Jonathan dings her for it being pretty but boring. Monica loved it though, and the client's is always the most important opinion. The last one up is Adee, who has to concede that his veil covered nothing but he tries to defend it as sexy. Monica likes that her eye was drawn to the suit and not the hair, but Jonathan points out that Adee just took a length of hair as it was sold, hanging off a wire, and just wrapped it around his model's neck, which is something his toddler could have done. He tries to get Adee to admit he knows it's not great, but Adee is going down fighting that he did a good job. Once they are dismissed back to the salon during the judges' deliberation, though, he loses his cool and kicks some stuff over, proclaiming them "wankers." Jonathan is certainly a little ridiculous, but Adee needs to have at least the tiniest bit of perspective on his own work if he's going to make it.

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