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Everyone heads home and Janine gloats about how she and Matthew are on top again, and Janine really seems to think this is just a given by now. It will be interesting to see if she gets too big for her britches and fucks something up soon. Jon asks April about her venting and April admits that she lost it but then mocks Moulay for being upset with her. She again tries to argue that the cut isn't for every person nor is it for every hair type, but Matthew gets in a pretty good last word by again reminding her that it was still, in fact, the challenge. Okay, I'm bored. April, I don't think you can do a bob because you're protesting too much, and I wish you'd just shut up, do a good job, have your work speak for itself, and be done with it.

Weird tiny apartment segment time! Brian bleaches his teeth. The end.

The next morning they file back in to the salon where Camila is waiting for them, looking like an absolute bombshell in a corset top and her hair in loose waves pulled back from her face -- this is about 1000 times better than yesterday's flapper look. She tells them that the challenge will be all about pleasing the military men whose photos are set up on a table. Matthew is already emotional as the clients file in; they are all military wives whose husbands (in the pictures) are all away. Jon actually admits he has a heart by interviewing about how amazing these people are who fight for us every day. The women are going to be recording video messages and taking photos for their husbands and will do so dressed (like Camila) as 1940's pin-up girls. I would absolutely LOVE to get made up like this sometime, but man would I be scared to let some members of this bunch be in charge. Hopefully the meaningful nature of the challenge will actually keep everyone on track. Camila tells them they must create finger waves or pin curls to give them a "'40s glam hairstyle." She introduces their guest judge of the week, Robert Vetica, a celebrity stylist who has styled Salma Hayek and Naomi Watts. He explains that while women didn't have money to dress up in the 40's, they could still have a glamorous hairstyle. Janine picks her client and the others all pick photos of the husbands to pair them up with their clients.

Amy's client has a short curly bob, which makes her happy, though in her interview Amy has tears in her eyes. It will be interesting to see if this is because she's doing this post-elimination or if she's just emotional due to the nature of the challenge. Camila tells them that they'll be judged on skill and their overall look, and then warns that the judges will be doing judging during the photo shoot. With that, we are off and running. Everyone explains to their clients what they have in mind, and because this is such a personal challenge they all seem to be even more invested than usual in doing a good job, even April.

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