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Good morning, everyone! Jaclyn welcomes the remaining seven would-be-geniuses to the salon and reminds them that Paulo won the last challenge and is now up on the Allure Wall of Fame. I have to add my two cents -- I finally was able to watch that episode, and he 100% deserved that win because that wig was beyond belief and his client looked amazing. (Also, thanks to Joe R for taking care of things while I was on vacation!) But back to this week. This week's shortcut challenge is for the stylists to color their client's hair with the most outlandish color they can come up with. This might actually explain Meredith's choice of hair color two episodes back -- she just did this challenge a couple of weeks early! The always delightful Kim Vo is there to judge them this week because apparently he is the God of Color (tm Daniel). He's done Fergie, Britney, and even, wait for it... Perez Hilton! Really, do we live in a world now where doing Perez's hair is considered noteworthy? Because that's a world I'm not sure I want to live in.

They each select a scissor box to find colored combs that will match them with their clients. The only thing of note about this is that the clients are all dark-haired, so this might be a little bit tougher. There's a collective orgasm as they're told they will have four hours to complete this challenge since it's about really vibrant color and they'll need time for the color to process. The winner gets immunity and will help determine the outcome of the elimination challenge. Now hang on a second -- if Paulo didn't get immunity for winning last week, why should someone doing a smaller challenge get it now? Once again, I am asking questions that I should just leave be, because we'll never know. For a split second the look on Paulo's face says he might just be wondering the same thing.

Glenn promises that she loves color but also beauty, so she's not going to go super crazy and make her client's hair green. There are a whole lot of reds and purples bandied about. Paulo tells us his plan is to focus on the haircut first, and that he's not really worried about color. Well, why would you when that's the point of the entire challenge? Painting, painting, painting. I'm distracted from whatever Nekisa is saying because all I can think is, why is she still here? I come back to hear her say she's going to create some sort of flower. Hmm, we'll see what that means. Paulo is going to do blue hair, but there's some question about how this will turn out since he has to bleach her hair first and Kim reminds him that yellow and blue make green. Paulo assures him he's a blue specialist. Kim doesn't believe him but politely leaves him be. Dee is also a specialist at this, what a coincidence! I've found that everyone likes to declare that in every challenge. She's doing some sort of Bird of Paradise 'do. There's some drama because Paulo's goal had been "Smurf blue" but he got "Smurf shit blue." That's something I officially never wanted to imagine in my entire life. The sinks also back up and there's technical hoo-ha about colors bleeding. Nekisa takes care to explain about how this made her color turn out not quite right, and Charlie delights in pointing out that she's got another excuse.

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