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Hair From Hell

Charlie won't be on a team himself, he'll be acting as a roaming stylist and can neither win nor lose the challenge. With that, it's time to put the "ass" in "assignments." Nekisa and Dee are the first team because Dee is a control freak and Nekisa hates being told what to do. Nicole and Glenn are next, and then Paulo and Daniel. Dee interviews that he actually paired up people that got along, and who knew he could be nice? It will be interesting to see which way it goes. He wanted to keep supposed friends together because he thinks that underneath it all they aren't compatible and we'll have reality catfight gold. He's nothing if not uber-conscientious about making sure every reality show cliché takes place while he's on the show.

Dee and Nekisa have a few different ideas but both hope they come together. Daniel, unsurprisingly, loves big hair, which terrifies Paulo. Glenn tells Nicole what to do and Nicole seems to just take it, but she interviews that she's afraid that Glenn does "old-lady hair" and she wants to keep it modern. Whatever, they're boring. Daniel admits it was actually nice to have Charlie there as someone to bounce ideas off of, and he ends up enjoying working with Paulo. Color, color, sexy, sexy, show talk, etc. Nicole and Glenn continue to be boring. Nekisa bitches some more about Charlie winning with a crap hairdo because she has no awareness of her own mediocrity whatsoever. Dee, on the other hand, is just happy to have Charlie be her "little bitch" for the day. Nekisa loves her Farrah while Dee clearly hates it and they politely fight over everything. I hope that this is a sign this is the last week we have to hear Nekisa's whiny voice.

Jaclyn introduces judges Kim and Kelly and then Special Guest Judge Kate Jackson. Daniel, as usual, has turned bright red and looks like he might keel over from sheer excitement. Jaclyn reminds us that the idea was to give the classic Angel hairstyles a modern look, and with that it's time for the models. First up are Glenn and Nicole's girls, who do the whole Charlie's Angels pose before the head down the runway. Their Kate has dark hair that went a couple of inches past her shoulders and bangs, rather than a traditional bob. Their Jaclyn has a bunch of limp, dark curls, and their Farrah looks, well, a little bit like a hooker. Her bangs are extra bleached blonde and the effect isn't terribly classy.

Next up are Paulo and Daniel. Their Kate has a razored bob that's longer in front. Their Jaclyn has dark hair with a bit of volume that flips out a bit on the ends. In back, though, there are a couple of too-yellow highlights. At least they're on the underneath. Their Farrah looks exactly like Farrah. It's awesome, but it's not so much modern as it's, well, Farrah circa Charlie's Angels. Dee and Nekisa's Kate comes out with a dark bob just a tiny bit longer in front. Nekisa is trying to convince me that their Jaclyn has red hair, but honestly it's brown with the absolutely tiniest hint of auburn in it. To me, the curls are a little bit lank but it's not horrible. Oh goodness, their Farrah. Nekisa calls it "fabulous." I call it a bunch of too-tight curls not loosened up at all after they came out of the curling iron, and a giant wave of flat bangs swept to one side. Heeeedious!

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