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Hair From Hell

Jaclyn admits that she's disappointed in everyone, which Daniel takes pretty hard. She calls the styles caricatures rather than modern interpretations and unsurprisingly announces that there is no winner tonight as nothing was shear genius. Then Nekisa and Glenn are called forward. Glenn is shocked, and Nekisa is adamant that she had the best Farrah. Seriously, if she ever thought this show was a way to get exposure and possibly new clients, she's shooting herself in the foot. If I didn't hate her so much I'd be willing her to shut her mouth, but her attitude and her sense of style are both so awful that I'm taking a sick pleasure in it. What does that say about me? Well, if nothing else it says I like my hair to look nice rather than limp, greasy, yet clumpy.

Jaclyn tells Nekisa her style was dated and uninspired. For once, Nekisa merely nods. Glenn is told that Jaclyn would never wear her style then or now. And for the love of little green apples, Glenn is the one going home! What?? Even Nekisa has the good grace to look completely shocked. Glenn is crushed and while she wipes her eyes, Kim rubs salt in her wounds by saying the Jaclyn should have been a no-brainer. Glenn runs through the requisite, "You were great, thank you for the chance," routine and leaves. Jaclyn warns them that this should show how serious the judges are about the competition and sends them off to stew in their mediocrity. Glenn cries but gives a classy last interview that she's going to miss the excitement of starting a new challenge, and tells us to reach for the stars and that anything is possible. Glenn, I'm going to miss your not talking back and your non-screechy, normal tone of voice. Sigh.

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