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Welcome back to the Nexxus Shear Genius Salon, everyone. Camila greets the gang and they that notice that the salon is filled with giant bouquets of gorgeous, brightly-colored flowers. Matthew's picture from last week is put up on the Allure Wall of Fame with little of the fanfare that we had the last couple of weeks, and then we meet the week's guest judge, Harry Josh. Not surprisingly, the shortcut challenge is for them to incorporate flowers into their hairstyles and to do it abstractly, as if the flowers were hair. Harry warns them that it's easy to go cheesy. Adee of course has an obnoxious interview (what's new?) about only using flowers when he cheats on someone. All class, that one. The models come out and Matthew has first choice since he won last week, and then the others are paired up by picking matching flowers.

The two hours begin, and Jon offers to turn in his Gay Card since he doesn't know the names of any of the flowers. Brig wants to do cornrows and extensions. Brian wants to do a National Geographic type hairdo and manages to offend his model in the first few moments by commenting happily that her home state, Hawaii, has lots of indigenous people. Her eyebrows will pop off her forehead if she raises them any higher at that remark. Adee can't remember how to do anything basic because he admits he charges hundreds of pounds to have assistants do half his job for him. Brig is totally starstruck by Harry, but he's just worried she won't have enough time to do her 'do. Jon is going to go "geisha mohawk." Adee describes something I don't understand, but Harry thinks it might take too long. April thinks she's doing something powerful, giving her model a chocolate gloss so her hair is a good palate for the color. Brian is doing something that makes his model look like a purple conehead. Awesomely, at the hour mark, Harry gives them a time warning and warns them that some people don't impress him. One of those is Adee, who is doing something Harry deems "Ronald McDonald" because it looks like a shower cap made out of red and yellow gerbera daisies.

Judgment time is here. Matthew's model has an afro with a huge headband of orange gerbera daisies and Harry likes the idea but thinks he used too many flowers, and Matthew seems to agree. Brian has made his model's hair into a purple cone with a leaf stuck to the back and a yellow flower for color but Harry loves it and thinks it looks just like a flower bud. April teased her model's hair out like an '80s rocker and put in a bunch of branches of tiny blue flowers that match her eyes. Matthew accurately describes it as Muppet-like, but while he hates it I think it's an accurate statement in kind of a cool way and Harry loves it. Amy gets some good feedback for the first time in forever. She's put her model's hair up with a bunch of purple orchids and has one long stem coming out of the top of her head with a matching flower at the top. Jon made his girl's bangs purple and put in a ton of purple flowers, but Harry thinks it's hard to make that look expensive and because when it's all purple it's costumey. Jon, always receptive to criticism, interviews afterward with two middle fingers to show what he thought of Harry's opinion. Janine gave her girl a giant teased "fro-hawk" with a bunch of blue pieces of hair worked in with the blue flowers. Harry thinks it's kind of drag queen but likes it -- it's my favorite so far but that's, well, probably because it's drag-queen-esque.

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