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Brian then has to minister to his client's potential blinding injury rather than her hair, but once he has her flushing out her eye he at least takes the foils out and admits he's screwed because his color will be done but he won't be dry. Camila is back with a five-minute warning, and Adee freaks out because he's bad with time restraints and throws his model's head around trying to get her long thick hair dry. Janine gets the quote of the day, saying that Brig's model's hair looks, "Like she bit it off. In my personal opinion." I can't wait to see this. And it's time, the clock ends. Adee tries to keep styling, but they stop him, and he swears and reluctantly joins everyone.

His model looks exactly the same, and the only thing he did was give her dark brown underneath. Kim calls it dated, and Adee counters in an interview that the bob has been around for 100 years, but people are still doing it. Yes, there's a different between "classic" and "questionable fad," dude. Brian's model looks exactly the same but her bonus is that she still has her eyesight even though her hair is only half-dry and is totally frizzy. Brian tries to say that the color is beautiful, but really there's no change and it just looks fried. Camila points out that you could never send someone out of the salon that way, and Brian's explanation that it will look better when she goes home and washes it doesn't cut it with anyone. Faatemah is up next and gave her girl some "copper tone" in the blonde, but Kim warns her that if someone wants to stay blonde, you don't put a bunch of lowlights around their face. Her model looks incredibly skeptical, too. Jon is up next, and he made her hair look a bit healthier, but basically the same. Arza then comes up with her model, who has a whole range of lowlights, but as the she's still blonde around her face, you can't really see much else unless you look closely. Kim knocks both of them for their girls still being too blonde. I get it, but... there is a fine line to walk when half the challenge is "client satisfaction." Kim is pulling a Tyra Banks and giving conflicting feedback to everyone, too; I think this will probably be a challenge that is never repeated if this show sees future seasons. So far I think Arzo's girl's hair looks the healthiest, which was one of the big goals. April then gets up and presents her model looking exactly the same as before, then bristles when Kim tells her that the color actually ages the poor woman, but he's not wrong. Amy is up next, and Kim knocks her for cooling the tone too much and it not going with her girl's skin tone. Janine is next, and she warmed up the blonde on her girl, but Kim thinks it should have been brighter. I'm not sure he's going to like anyone at this point, but then it is Matthew's turn. He's taken his client's plastic white hair and made it a deep auburn, and it looks great on her. Kim says it looks too artificial, but then says it looks amazing. Brig is then up last, and Janine's assessment about the biting wasn't wrong -- there's messy, and then there's Flowbee, and Brig falls firmly on the side of the latter. Kim knocks her for just doing it all a solid red and not making any variation and movement. Time for the rulings: Kim's bottom three are Adee's dated look, April's no real change, and Brian's nearly blinded client. His top three are Jon, Matthew, and Janine. Kim needs to get better at giving some positive feedback so that we could predict these things, but those three girls do all look good. The winner turns out to be Matthew, and while I'm not a big Brig fan, I will give her credit for smiling and totally admitting that her plan backfired completely. Matthew is just told he wins an advantage the next day, not immunity.

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