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After the commercials we join the gang in their apartment, and Brian narrates his journal writing: if he loses again tomorrow he'll go home, and he doesn't want to go home on his birthday. And... that's it. Like Brig's weird segment last week, that takes us back into more commercials. Ooookay.

The next day they all head to the Roosevelt Hotel where, in honor of being poolside, Camila has huge, curled sexy beach hair going. She's standing next to a table with a bunch of covered dishes, and says that that night, the Dakota restaurant will be unveiling its new menu. Camila then introduces executive chef Jason Johnston of the restaurant, and tells them that the challenge is to interpret the texture, color and presentation of a dish from the menu into a hairstyle that will be on a server that night. They already were given their picking order off-camera, so go right into selecting dishes -- which they are allowed to taste as part of their research. This is making me hungry. Brian gets chocolate mousse, April gets heirloom tomato salad and Jon gets seared scallops (and he thinks the challenge is brilliant). Brig gets tiramisu, Amy gets the Dakota burger, Janine gets beet salad and couldn't be more bitter about it, and Adee gets steak tartare, which excites him terribly, as his nickname is "the butcher" since he used to be, well, a butcher. Matthew gets yellowtail hamachi, Arzo tuna tataki, and Faatemah gets orange flan trio and of course complains about it, since she's not familiar with flan. Look, I get it, but she's done nothing all hour other than put people down or complain, so get over it, sister -- be inspired by what's on the plate, it's okay that you hadn't heard of it before now. Finally, Camilla tells Matthew about his prize from the day before -- he's allowed to switch dishes with anyone he chooses, but he actually loves what he got and sticks with it. Camila then reminds Janine that she has immunity from winning last week, and Janine says this is going to make her more adventurous than she might normally be. Camila dismisses them to meet up with Orlando Pita back in the salon.

He explains that the models have been randomly selected and are holding their dishes, so they go and get their girls and the clock starts their two hours. They have styrofoam props that they can work with and Brig grabs a ton of stuff, while Matthew declares that if you have to use all that, you're a shitty hairdresser. She's planning a black and white theme to go with the chocolate sticks that adorn her dessert. Arzo, meanwhile, plans to make her model's hair warm and spicy. Jon is going to match the visuals from his plate, while Amy is going to incorporate the colors of her burger, including bacon. Brian gets in this week's plug for a sponsor and says he will be using the So.Cap hair extensions to build a chocolate base. As Orlando walks around and checks everyone out, Jon gives himself a little bit of humanity and admits he's terrified having one of his biggest "mentors" looking over his work -- I'll just ignore that I think he meant to say "role model" or "hero," as Orlando only just became an actual mentor to him last week, because Jon needs to be a little more likable. Brig is going to go big, and we see what looks like a bowling ball on her model's head. Matthew wants to go a combination of fishtail braid and geisha (his own words) and while Orlando seems skeptical, Jon thinks Matthew is talented and actually his competition. Orlando tries to get specifics out of Arzo, but she won't give him anything other than warm and spicy, and she's mad that he seems to think she might need to actually do something associated with her dish other than just a vague color similarity. Everyone seems to be going pretty architectural and there are a lot of various adornments going on -- I'm rather looking forward to seeing how these crazy things turn out. Faatemah of course knocks what Brig is doing, calling it "Circus d'oleil," and while I find Brig annoying, I must have gotten my serious hate out of my system last week, because I just don't care as much. I would prefer if Faatemah would at least act like she's enjoying maybe just the tiniest bit of what she's doing and stop bitching about everything, because it's boring and makes her seem like an inept stylist.

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