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They now head to the Roosevelt and meet the judges -- Jonathan Antin and Kim Vo, joined by Joel Warren, who is not just a colorist, but an "Acclaimed Colorist," according to his chyron, for the Warren-Tricomi Salon. Brig is completely starstruck, but Joel looks bored, like we're taking him away from precious tanning time.

Matthew is up first with his server. Her hair is pulled back in a big geisha style as he intended, with a fishtail braid in back that has started to unravel just a little, decorated with chopsticks and flowers. I was worried about where he was going with this, but the execution is actually quite cool. April is up next and her girl has a giant huge updo with a vine and red highlights (along with tomato earrings) to reflect her heirloom tomato salad. Amy's cheeseburger do is an updo with red braids of color wound in, to reflect the bacon, and then leaves worked in as well, with her hair cascading down in some curls in the back. Kim comments to the other judges that he would have killed to see the girl come out with Princess Leia buns, and now that awesomeness is all I can think about, too. Jon's scallop hair is standard in front -- dark brown, thick bangs, which, look, I'm not knocking as that describes my own hair. Fortunately, though, my haircut isn't supposed to resemble food. When she turns around, however, he's done it in structural curls with blonde streaks to resemble the scallops, and giant leaves are worked in as well and it's all actually really cool-looking. Adee thinks his steak tartare look is soft and sexy; I think it's ripped straight off of Janine's look last week. She has long straight bangs in front, and the back is sort of a long bob of big frizzy curls, all dyed raw-steak red. Janine's beet salad server has a giant ball of red hair set on top of her head with straight hair sprouting out of the top, like a fountain.

Arzo is really happy with her model who has... a very nice updo that is absolutely not out of the ordinary. Her hair is a nice dark brown, and the updo is cool with separate pieces all woven in and some height at the crown of her head, but there's no way this could be associated in any way with the dish, even with the tiny bit of greenery woven in. Joel Warren seems to be saying something delightfully catty to Camila. Faatemah is up next and reflected the light, airy texture of her flan in a huge orange and blonde updo that looks kind of like a ponytail of cotton candy. Brig says that her tiramisu hairdo is avant-garde and not circus, but... it's circus. It's a series of three balls of hair on top of each other, one black, and the others black and blonde, with some striped pieces on top. It's certainly crazy. Brian, finally, worked his server's hair into a fun updo with all sorts of separate curl pieces in brown and blonde that reflect his dessert rather literally, but in a fun way. Apparently this is the hairdo I can't describe well for the week.

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