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Everyone heads back to the regular judging room and the stylists line up for their feedback. April, Faatemah, Adee and Janine are all safe, and are dismissed to wait in the salon while the others are critiqued. Matthew is up first and describes that he wanted an Asian vibe with the actual fishtail braid because of the fish in the dish (I'm Dr. Seuss!) and the judges all like it. Joel thinks it reminds him of a blowfish, but means that as a compliment. Jonathan does ask about the braid and Matthew admits that it fell apart a little bit from all the backcombing he had done for texture, but it doesn't seem to take away from the judges' enjoyment of the style. Jon is up next, and the judges all love the bangs he gave his girl as well as the barrel curl scallops. Kim loves the color, and Jon actually jumps up and down with happiness. Brian is up next to explain himself, and he explains that he was inspired by the cream garnish, used brown extensions instead of coloring her hair, and really tried to be literal with his style. Camila deems it "yummy" and Kim thought it looked creamy and soft. Joel actually says that technically it was perfect.

Arzo's critique is next, and she's done the math and realizes she's not there as one of the top styles. She gives them her explanation of the color being warm and spicy, but the judges all agree that they can't see anything of the dish in the hairstyle. Kim then knocks Arzo's coloring, as she didn't do anything to the underside of her hair, which is obvious as it's pulled up. Jonathan thinks it's an "old lady updo," which I think is a little harsh -- I think it's boring, not old -- but I get his point. Brig is up next explaining that she was inspired by the black and white chocolate straws, and Kim accurately tells her that, "it looks like an interracial snowman." Sometimes he tries too hard to be funny, but sometimes he is spot-on, and this is one of those delightful times. Jonathan called her out on making a hairpiece rather than styling the girl's actual hair, and after Brig tries to defend that this is avant-garde, Joel straight-up questions her taste level. Amy is up last, and man, her model's tan boobs are pushed up so far out of her black dress that they make me think of the hamburger buns more than her hairdo does. Amy says she worked the colors and textures of the burger into the hair and wanted to go classy rather than avant-garde. Joel tells her it's not at all classy, and the other judges all basically tell her that it's just a mess and not at all indicative of the hamburger; she fights back tears as she takes it all.

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