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Camila dismisses them all to deliberate, and Brig thinks about packing up while Amy and Arzo seem to be kind of shellshocked after their respective beatings.

We then join the judges who go over all the styles again -- it's all basically what we heard before. Matthew's braid was messy but overall the look was awesome and totally right for his dish. They all hate Amy's do and Kim reiterates his wish for some kitschy buns. They do all admit that she did a good job with the color, though, so it's not 100% bad. Everyone loves Jon's look that incorporated the dish, and was flawless and beautifully finished. Arzo is knocked for ignoring all the actual requirements of the challenge and just doing an updo. Brig is knocked for not only just putting balls on her server's head, but for doing a messy job to boot. Finally, they discuss how Brian did a great job making his hairdo look just like a delicious dessert. With that, Camila calls them all back in.

Jon, Matthew and Brian are called forward as the top three. Camila compliments them all individually, then tells Matthew that he was good, but not the winner, before awarding the win to Jon. He's stoked and jumps around a lot in glee. Then Arzo, Brig and Amy are called forward as the bottom three of the week. Camila goes through and reminds each of them how much they stunk it up before telling a very relieved Amy that she is safe. Brig and Arzo then are given a few moments to stew in their own juices before Camila dismisses Arzo. Dang. She did do the worst job this week, but I think she's better than Brig and I'm sorry to see her go this early. She gets a little dig in saying that if the judges really believe they are right, then that is their call. Um, yes, that's why in fact you were just announced as the week's loser -- we've all seen enough reality TV to know they aren't at this point going to change their minds and call you back. Camila dismisses her pretty sternly before reminding the rest of the gang that, "Hair? Is important." They file out, and finally Arzo interviews that she's proud of her work and thinks this wasn't fair. I guess we can all just take away the lesson that she clearly does not, which is that if you are in a competition, you need to actually make an effort to do what is asked of you and not just some boring cop-out instead. Bye Arzo -- I would have much preferred to see more of your work and not Brig's gold leggings again!

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