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It pains me to open this week's weecap with a reminder that Brig won last week's challenge, but there she is on the Allure Wall of Fame. And she appears to be celebrating by dressing even more cracked-out than usual, in a strapless, short, puffed-skirt dress that's part teal and part what looks like newspaper, fuchsia tights, and fuchsia wellies. Oh, and of course a headband with a bow the size of her face. If that was waiting for me when I got to the salon, I'd just head right back out. The guest judge this week is Kevin Mancuso, the Nexxus creative director, and he introduces the Shortcut Challenge: angular precision cutting with Asian hair. Six Asian models come in all holding a different shape and the stylists are to interpret the shape, doing something like you'd see on a runway or in a hair show. Kevin points out that Asian hair is gorgeous but also very difficult to cut because one needs absolute precision. Janine is a little worried because she admittedly doesn't have great precision.

They pair up, Janine has the model with the moon shape, Matthew gets the star (and is less than happy about it), and Brian gets what he calls a parallelogram and which Jon points out in an interview is actually a trapezoid. Thank goodness he's better at hair than geometry. Jon gets a diamond, April gets the heart she so desperately wanted and is talking a huuuuge game about it, and Brig gets the triangle. Camila tells them that winner gets first choice of model in the elimination challenge, and gives them 90 minutes for this challenge. Matthew says he wants to go really edgy, and his model seems terrified and reminds him she also wants it to look good. See, that might be a reason not to volunteer as a hair model. Poor Brian -- his model has to tell him that his shape is called a trapezoid and not a rhombus. This doesn't bode well. Matthew admits that for the first time he isn't confident, and we see him at one point using clippers to shave a star into his model's head, which seems questionable. Kevin checks out April's work and nothing she says mentions precision, and when Kevin brings it up she gets immediately defensive. I can see why -- it worked so well for her last week. She then interviews about how the precision aspect of it is freaking her out. How did this not freak her out from the beginning when they announced that it was the key part of the challenge? Ugh. She's now become the queen of, "that's not how I do things," which is so clearly just to cover for things she can't do.

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