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Carpet, Meet Drapes

Glenn gives her red-haired client a big updo with a bit of a ponytail on one side and a giant flower. Fear not -- it looks cute, and not like the frightful '80s Texas nightmare it sounds like from my description. Nekisa heard the comment to Charlie that his hair was too bridal and realized hers was the same, so instead she just went for messy. It's a somewhat standard updo made of a bunch of curls, but then she pulled a bunch of hair out and frizzed it up to cover the curls, and she also didn't add any accessories. This one looks just as bad as you can imagine. Dee describes her hair as "futuristic Asian geisha." It's a fairly good description, actually. Matthew pulled his client's hair up with some curls -- the updo is more the length of a French twist and not just a bun, and then there are a few curls coming down and the pearls woven throughout. It's rather lovely. Gail also went with a "slight geisha" style. It's more conventional than Dee's (and man, does Dee look pissed) and incorporates flowers.

Daniel did a pretty generic big twist with some pins with pearls -- it's very average, and I expected more from the Texan. Paulo did a low ponytail with the hair all wrapped around itself to make a bun and has some great sparkly clips, but it's also firmly average. Nicole's thin-haired client looks... well, she looks crazy. She has tons of little braids and then these made up into a bun, but then lots of pieces of hair just pulled out and draped over the braids, along with little sprigs of cherries. It's heinous. Meredith decided to show off some of her client's length, and did a bun-type updo in back with a long piece braided on each side with a flower. Good in theory, but in practice it's very hippy, and not in a happy good way. Charlie did, well, a generic bridal updo complete with tiara. He tried to mess up some of the hair, but it doesn't really work even though Campbell says it does. Campbell is wrong.

Nekisa and Nicole are the bottom two, unsurprisingly. He told Nicole she... played it safe? I'd say she played it ugly. She also is chock full of excuses about her client's thin hair, which definitely is lowering my good opinion of her. She even actually scoffs at Campbell when he comes back to assure her she did have a lot of hair to work with. While he seems to clearly want to wipe the smirk off Nicole's face, he names Nekisa the loser, who admits she folded under pressure. Matthew and Charlie are Campbell's two favorites. I'm speechless about this, so I'll leave it to Meredith, who describes things best: "Charlie's [style] looked like a drunken prom queen who was left without a date at the end of the night." Dark horse Meredith is moving up in my opinion as Nicole plummets! Campbell, on the other hand, loves the texture. He tells Matthew that he made statements, which is good.

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