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Carpet, Meet Drapes

The clients come in and they are all tall and cute with long hair. Paulo wants to do something "textural" and over the top. Ah, Matt's dress is actually black. I don't know if you've heard, but he thinks it would look good on his wife. Charlie has a black gown with an asymmetrical neckline and doesn't want to do it all up because that's "obvious." Nicole -- in a byte clearly taken from a totally different conversation based on her clothes, hairdo, and makeup -- dismisses Charlie, saying he became a hair stylist because he likes fashion. She laughs dismissively and tells us she became a hair stylist because she couldn't afford special effects make-up school. (Ah, that explains the shiteous Short Cut hairdo.) It appears to not have occurred to her that this wasn't every other person's dream and career path as well. Once in beauty school, she was told she sucked and should quit, which made her try harder. It also clearly contributed to the attractive chip on her shoulder. Daniel is excited because he thinks maybe the guest judge will be a celebrity (not Campbell?) and shows some great self-awareness when he admits he'd freak out. "You saw my reaction with the Housewives, for God's sakes. I actually wet myself a little bit when I saw them." And while male incontinence generally is a turn-off, it makes me love him even more and want to get dressed up and have cocktails while watching trashy television together.

Gail, unsurprisingly, is tired of being in the bottom and wants to be in the top. She's going to show them that smooth hair is one of her strong points. Matthew is once again doing cascading curls because it worked for him before. That right there raises a flag. Matt then starts to trash-talk Charlie, calling him a bitch, but it's impossible to tell if he's doing it with a sense of humor or not. If not, then he's officially the least intimidating competitor ever. Nicole leaves one big piece of hair just hanging out, which she knows is a risk. Basically, it looks unfinished at least as of right now. Charlie gets really nasty with Rene and tells him that he can finish if Rene will stop bothering him, so Rene wanders off. We're given a glimpse of Paulo's style, which is a giant mass of curls on either side of her face. Charlie declares it very "hair show" and informs us you don't do hair show hair for the red carpet, unless you're styling Bjork. I'd agree, but also include Cher. Matthew seems to have curls that won't stay curled and right now it looks really lank. Time is called, and we'll see in the show how he fared.

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