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Carpet, Meet Drapes

The show this week takes place outside on an actual red carpet. Jaclyn introduces Kim Vo and then celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend and none other than Sami Brady herself, Alison Sweeney. Daniel might have peed a little again. The models are actually getting out of a limo. Dee's style is a big updo at the crown, big bun, made of curls, seems to be intentionally messy... so in other words, kind of the usual. Matt's hairstyle is actually gone. His model's hair has lost most of the curl -- the part that is up looks shellacked and then the half that's supposed to be cascading down is lank. Meredith created a giant tall hairdo, kind of Dita Von Teese where the top half is pulled up and the bottom half is then curled under. It's dramatic and fun. Daniel's hair is a giant bouffant bordered by a braid -- I know, my descriptions are awesome, right?

Paulo's old-Hollywood-inspired curls totally work for me, but this is one of those styles to which I can't predict the judges' reactions. He's given it texture but it's not messy or frizzy, which is an art I've certainly never perfected with my own hair. Nicole wound up mostly pulling up the wayward lock of hair, but it still sticks out a bit on one side of the curls piled on her head, and looks unfinished rather than avant-garde. Glenn's hairstyle is exactly what mine was for my sister's wedding. It's pulled up in a bunch of curls that cascade down the back of her head and hang at the bottom, rather than all being totally pulled up. I like it, but clearly I'm biased. I will readily admit that it's pretty but not groundbreaking. Charlie once again did a good job. I don't know if he did this on purpose, though I suspect he did -- his hairstyle is what Matt's only wishes it was. It's not a complete copy, because he went for huge waves rather than curls, but half of it is pulled to one side and it sweeps over her shoulder. It looks a bit stiff, but overall I could totally see this on a (real) red carpet. Gail's client is all pulled back, but she put volume up at the top of her head and it's been pulled up like a rope and sort of woven around in back. It's definitely sleek and very classy. Nekisa also went for the sideswept look that Matt and Charlie did, and it's a more boring version of Matt's. That's bad.

Judging is back in the studio, and Jaclyn first calls out those who are safe: Meredith, Dee, Nekisa and Daniel are all sent to wait in back while the others' models are called out. Glenn tells the judges that she was inspired by her model's really thick hair (hee, so that's how we ended up with the same style). Jaclyn likes the shape and that it looks good from all sides, and Sami thinks it's updated. Kim, however, notices that there's a lot of frizz, and Glenn says that was intentional. I am not sure if I believe that or not, but let's just move on. Matthew is up next, and tells them that his client warned him that her hair didn't hold curl, but that he was bound and determined to do it anyway. Dude, this guy is super-dumb and really annoying, and I would never let him near my hair. They are much nicer than I would have expected, though, and he gets off just with Mark telling him he really should have trusted his client's word this week. Charlie (who is sporting a dead bird on his lapel this week) says he was going for old-fashioned screen goddess and beautiful color. Kim tells him that his execution was good, but his creativity was questionable, and Charlie admits that he sacrificed some creativity this week. Mark's in awe that he was able to color and style in 2 hours. Sami loves that it would last.

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