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Carpet, Meet Drapes

Oh, Nicole. She tells them that she was inspired by her client's face shape, blah blah blah haughty-cakes, and Kim responds by telling her that he can't stop looking at the one wayward piece of hair and it's driving him crazy. Sami actually asks if it was on purpose, and while Nicole tries to say that the piece accentuates that it's an asymmetrical style, she's slammed by the judges. At least this time she doesn't talk back. Paulo's up next and unfortunately, the judges don't love it for the red carpet. Kim tells him that if it were a runway challenge he'd be okay, but notes the two pieces he left long in front and asks if he thinks it's really red carpet. As Sami grimaces, showing us her unfavorable opinion, Paulo says he thinks it is. She looks amused yet pitying. Gail is up next, and was inspired by the knotting and roping in the back of her dress. Jaclyn loves the simplicity and Mark calls up her model to see the back of the hair. He's completely in love with it.

Deliberation time. Kim and Sami loved Glenn's hair, while Mark and Jaclyn found it dated. Kim calls Nicole's hairdo "Asian bridezilla." They all think that the piece of hair sticking out looks like a mistake and they hate it outright. Kim calls Matthew's hairdo, "very My Little Pony." Excuse me while I clean up the juice I just spit out my nose when I laughed. It looked bad and he ignored his client's advice. Next! They're a bit divided on Charlie, and while Sami and Mark loved it, Kim found it too perfect and, "kind of Barbie doll." I'm glad to see that Kim and I had exactly the same childhood, toy-wise. They all love Gail's hairdo and Jaclyn points out that taking her inspiration from the dress was part of the challenge as outlined. Sami comments on how clean and sleek it was, which I'm sure will thrill Gail when she sees this deliberation. Paulo is another one who divided the ranks this week. Kim loved the structure, while Sami declares it "hideous," and Mark tells them he'd "never work in this town again" if he styled a client that way. Through all of this they've made a decision, and Jaclyn calls the stylists back in.

Glenn, Charlie, and Gail were the top three this week, and Gail looks so happy and relieved I think she might fall over. Unfortunately, she wasn't the ultimate winner, and it's down to Glenn and Charlie, who hold hands while they receive their compliments. Glenn desperately wants to beat Charlie but once again, she doesn't and he's again the winner. The other stylists all have very frozen smiles on their faces at the result. Nicole, Matthew, and Paulo are then called forward as this week's bottom of the barrel. Jaclyn reiterates the problems each of them had before telling Nicole that she's safe. Crying, she goes back in line. Matthew thinks it's so ironic that he and Paulo, who had first and second choice, are the bottom two stylists. Well, Matthew, your choice of gown doesn't help so much when you're a shitty hairdresser. The judges all agree and mercifully send him home. While Paulo heaves a sigh of relief, Matthew says inexplicably, "Good. Thank you." His final words are that being there made him appreciate his wife even more, and that he's relieved to lose so he can go home to her. See, he can go home to her, and we can stop hearing him talk about her, and everyone is happy! Meredith interviews that his wife must be really amazing in bed. I'm so-so on her hair, but man do I hope she sticks around for a while so I can keep hearing whatever she has to say. You know who I don't want to listen to any more? Matt. So I'll just tell you that his exit interview is all about hairstyling. Except totally not at all.

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