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I love Los Angeles b-roll, since it always makes it seem like the beach, Beverly Hills and downtown are all so close to each other. For those of you who have never been here, expect to do a little driving in between. But to the matter at hand -- the remaining four stylists. Charlie gets his haircut up on the Allure Wall of Fame, which Daniel also loves, because it means a picture of his mom is up on the wall, too. With that out of the way, Jaclyn introduces this week's Short Cut guest judge, who happens to be her personal stylist: José Eber. This man is not afraid of plastic surgery, but he seems rather delightful nonetheless. Jaclyn tells the gang that they have to get to know their clients really well for this challenge, and give them a cut that shows what makes them unique. Nicole has a really cutting-edge theory that a haircut really does represent someone's personality. Take her, for example, she's short and sassy, and so is her 'do! They once again get their scissor boxes of choosing and Dee is number one so she gets first pick. Daniel observes that she's pretty single-minded in always choosing the pretty, young Latino-looking girl. He's not wrong. The other three all end up with blondes with various lengths of dark roots.

Charlie's client says that she's wild, so he's going light blonde with white streaks. Dee's girl loves motorcycles, and Dee describes her as liking '80s rock hair. Please, oh please, let's see some teasing and some Aqua Net! Daniel's girl seems rather personality-free but says if she was on TV she'd be a reporter, so he's going to keep her blonde. Nicole's client is a pop singer and her style icons are Christina Aguilera, the Girls Next Door and Paris Hilton. God help us all. Jaclyn then comes forward and says that there is a problem, and that they've all been double-booked and have a second set of clients waiting. Those clients turn out to be the identical twins of the clients they already have. They then have to make sure that the twins each have their own distinct hairstyle. It's a pretty good challenge, I have to say, and the winner is going to win a spot in the final three. All of them say different versions of the very same thing, that they have to really do a good job and they'd love to be the winner. Charlie's twins seem to be different but Nicole's girls are identical right down to their nauseating idols. Nicole points out that Daniel talks a bunch about himself, and she's curious if he really got to know his clients. It's a valid question, given that we're treated to a montage of Daniel Facts like that he went to a tiny Christian school, had ten people in his graduating class, and went to school for interior design for two years before deciding to do hair. Eh, clients, schmients. I love Daniel, so he can talk in his little twang all day for all I care. José makes the rounds, and Nicole repeats 20 times that she has to make it to the final. Well, she left her bubbly twin blonde and made her conservative twin a brunette, so we know she loves ridiculous stereotypes if nothing else.

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