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Jaclyn reminds us that they had to do cuts based on their clients' personalities, but seriously, how can they really judge that? Did they have hours of meaningful one-on-one time themselves before they unleashed the twins on the final four? It seems more like they are just taking everyone's word for what personalities the girls have. Charlie gave the wilder twin a straight, bright blonde cut with thick bangs and the calmer twin (who... likes weddings? I don't know.) has longer hair that's darker with bright blonde streaks in big sexy waves. Dee's motorcycle twins don't look terribly different. '80s rocker does have, well, '80s rock hair. It's super-layered and big with purple highlights underneath. Her twin has straighter hair with big blocky red streaks. Welcome to 1997. As mentioned before, Nicole made one twin a brunette and her hair is wavy, while her blonde has straight hair. Both are really boring. Daniel left both of his twins blonde, but totally different blondes. One is brighter and straighter, and one is darker with highlights and waves. What we've learned is that if you have light blonde hair, it needs to be flat-ironed. José tells them that it was close, but that -- Nicole??? -- Nicole wins. He loved giving them two totally different looks, which I guess was weighted more than them having actual style. So Nicole is our first finalist.

At the house, Charlie, Daniel and Dee all give Nicole a bunch of jealous shit about being in the final, but Daniel admits to the camera that he's fine with Nicole being in the final because he still thinks she's the weakest. The next morning, instead of going to the salon, they go to a studio set-up for a photo shoot. René is there with celebrity photographer Michael Grecco. This challenge is going to be awesome -- they each have to create an avant-garde hairstyle that represents one of the four seasons. It's like Shear Genius just married America's Next Top Model! Awesome. They'll be judged both on the hairdo and how well they work with Michael to "achieve his vision." The scissor boxes all have a season inside which matches one of the models, and they are paired off. Before they "shake it," they'll meet with Michael, and then they'll have three hours to work.

First up is Daniel, who has Summer. The set has a bicycle and flowers and it's good that Michael reminds us it's an avant-garde shoot because the set is very average. Daniel's technical challenge is that the hair will have to stay once they add mist to the shoot. I've been to Texas in the summer a couple of times, and I have to guess that Daniel is used to working with hair and moisture together, given that the Texas air left me looking like a giant Brillo pad. Nicole has Winter, and her model will be laying in the snow. Dee has Fall, and her model will be bouncing on a trampoline wearing flowing clothes; Michael wants flowing hair to match. Charlie has Spring, and his model will be on a swing and will also have flowing hair. Michael tells him his artistic challenge is to say "Spring" in a beautiful way. It's the most vague and unhelpful command ever. Charlie agrees with me and says that so far nothing there seems avant-garde, so it's going to be up to him to take care of that.

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