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Once they get to work, the stylists all talk about their visions for the challenge, but the only one worth noting is that Charlie wants to do something "hedge-like." Now, has anyone seen the fine, fine film House Party? When I hear "hedge-like hair," I picture Kid of Kid 'n Play. I can only hope and pray that Charlie will actually style his model like that. His model has barely any hair, so he's not cutting it, since he barely has enough to work with anyway. Daniel's giving his model beachy, wavy texture, and assures Rene that it will be avant-garde. He's going to achieve that with a bunch of braided extensions. Nicole seems to still be stuck on the Christina Aguilera of it all from the last challenge, because she's holding a long white-blonde extension with reddish-pink ends. Dee cut her client's hair, figuring that less hair would give more movement. René looks as puzzled as I feel. Charlie is going for an afro-ish look. René wanders around and repeatedly tells people how nervous he is about their work, especially Dee, but it feels like what it is -- lots and lots of filler now that there are only four contestants left. Before they go out for the shoot, René drops the bomb that all of the judges will be there to watch, including Linda Wells, Editor-in-Chief of Allure, who is this week's guest judge.

Nicole leads her girl in and realizes she misunderstood Michael, and that her model will be laying in a bed of snow (as opposed to snow just being sprinkled on top of her). Nicole clearly wasn't listening since they showed him describe the shoot and he described it exactly as how it is now. The hair is really boring -- it's just some curls with some bright red to match the dress and Nicole spends her time picking fake snow out of it and getting mad that Michael says it looks dry and not smooth enough. Jaclyn tells the Allure ladies quietly that she thinks there's no actual style, and Nicole has enough self-awareness to realize that the shoot was a disaster. Dee brings her girl in and immediately is told that there is frizz. She fixes that and then is told that it's not moving the right way. Kim Vo notes to the other judges that he thinks the cut is totally wrong to have any movement. And what is it with these guys with the colored tips? Her girl has bright orange at the end of her hair. Dee is clearly not taking the criticism well.

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