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Charlie's girl has wild, frizzy curls piled up on her head and while I think it looks great, Michael thinks it looks "too period" and not avant-garde enough. Those words have lost all real meaning at this point from being thrown around too much. Charlie runs up and begins just pulling pieces out all over the place, which then displeases Michael because there is frizz. But Charlie seems to take it fairly well, and by far seems the most professional, more so than airhead Nicole or seething Dee. Michael actually seems to like it now, but Kim comments on the frizz. Last up is Daniel. His girl has a big updo with flowers in her hair. In the back there are curls and braids and some red color thrown in but Michael points out that he's shooting her face and all of the detail isn't visible. In an interview, Daniel's normal cheerful tone has some bite to it and he basically comments about how Michael shouldn't have an opinion about something he doesn't do. I fear for Daniel right now. Michael talks to the judges and complains about the red and the flowers, both of which he hates. He paces angrily while Daniel tries to fix it and he claims that he made it easy to pull down just in case. Daniel then freaks out when it turns out that the "mist" is more like rain, but pats himself on the back for a good "base tease" that keeps the style in place. Michael finally, condescendingly calls it a day. Look, most of these styles were bad, but he also seems to really enjoy feeling important on top of things.

This week's judging panel looks slightly different than usual. Jaclyn and Kim are there, but Linda has taken Kelly's place and Michael is there as well. First up is Daniel -- the final photo shows a girl with lank, damp hair. Linda points out that even though the top stayed up like it should, all of the actual style was in the back. Everyone hated the red braid, but Michael does throw Daniel a bone and says he likes the style they ended up with. Jaclyn also liked that Daniel held his own and worked with them when things went wrong. Dee is up next. With the straight hair and the bangs, her girl looks kind of like she's wearing a helmet once she's in the air. Kim calls her out on doing the same cut she's done every time. Linda points out that the cut was great but not good for the shoot. And Michael wanted flowing hair, which is the opposite of this cut. Nicole explains that she put in red to match the girl's dress, but Michael suggests that for winter she might have gone platinum. It's bad that the only compliment she gets is that Linda appreciates that she took the time to comb all of the fake snow out of her model's hair. Charlie explains that he wanted to counter the soft scene with angles and size in the hair. Michael, however, thinks that Charlie didn't listen to him at all and gave her period hair. Kim then tells him he overdid it with pulling pieces out to fix things and Charlie admits that he would have preferred to have the style be somewhere in the middle of what he came out with and what he did on-set. Michael thinks that he maybe jumped in too quickly and went overboard, but says he was happy with the end result. Jaclyn sends the stylists away so that the judges can choose who will be in next week's final.

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