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They start with Daniel and point out that he was clearly intimidated with the mist idea, and Michael points out that what he should have done is started out with less product and then worked his way up once he was on-set and they were changing things, rather than start with a ton at first. I think Daniel is actually physically incapable of that. Next up is Dee, who is knocked 1.) for having a boring cut 2.) that is a variation on what she's done each week and 3.) that didn't flow at all. Then they discuss Nicole and how her cut first got matted in the snow and then turned into a bunch of boring curls. Lastly, they discuss Charlie. Michael once again talks about his disappointment at the pretty hair, but Linda defends that she thought it was beautiful and just right. But Michael is happy that Charlie was willing to work with him to "fix" the style. With that, they call the four back in.

Nicole, as we know, has immunity that clearly saved her from going home this week. Jaclyn calls the other three forward, compliments Charlie's work and declares him the winner of the Challenge. He throws up his hands and starts dancing -- he's been happy to win before, but this is a dance of someone who is thrilled and also relieved. He hugs the others and joins Nicole. Daniel and Dee then stand together on the chopping block. After Jaclyn describes their cuts again, she tells Dee that she's safe. Daniel is his usual charming self and gives a very genuine thank you through some tears. [Even Jaclyn shed a couple! - Zach] He declares that they don't wear their hair big enough here, and that he can't wait to get back to Dallas. It's a graceful exit, and while I'm sad to see him go, I think it was the right choice (given Nicole's immunity). And with that, we have our glorious final three to head into next week's grand finale.

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