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And then there were five. Jaclyn congratulates Dee on her win and her cover on the Allure wall of fame, and Dee tells us that finally she's been recognized and the others will know she's not messing around. Yes, because all of those times that they acknowledged that you were tough competition they didn't really mean it. Paulo says with five left, "Game's on." Seriously, there is clearly nothing going on of note, because really the game has kind of been on, well, since it's been on. I am already suspicious of this week's Short Cut judge as he was responsible for Sanjaya's ponyhawks. I didn't even actually watch that show and yet I was sick of that kid and his stupid hair. The judge's name is Dean Banowetz. As their clients have "very busy schedules" they will only have 30 minutes. Insert obligatory "worried about coming up with something good in that time frame" comment here. Jaclyn tells the stylists that the clients will be picking them this week, and with a shriek the clients run in -- six-year-old girls. Before they start, Jaclyn tells them that Dean is "personal stylist" to his SEVENTY-FIVE nieces and nephews so he gets kid hair. I guess that's why he works on American Idol -- his family is the entirety of the youth of America.

The challenge is to create a kid-friendly look for all these kids to make a great first impression when they start the first grade. Paulo, I must admit, is really cute with his girl, assuring her she's going to be fabulous. Daniel's client specifically requests Jaclyn's hair -- six years old and she's got amazing taste! Everyone cuts quickly to get things done before their clients move their heads and accidentally get scissors in their eyes. These girls are all incredibly endearing -- my cold heart has warmed up to a warm, soft mush. Oh wait, hang on a sec -- Charlie's girl wants to grow up to be Paris Hilton. What is wrong with kids these days? Everyone takes turns knocking everyone else's hair (not in front of the girls themselves) but let's see the show and judge for ourselves, shall we?

Daniel's client, wannabe Jaclyn, has brown hair in big brown loose curls and layers by the face. She's ridiculously excited with it and throws her arms up with glee. Paulo cut his girl's hair up around shoulder length and cut bangs, but the waves that he tried to create now just makes it look messy. But when she's asked if she is happy with it she answers, "Super!" Nicole cut her girl's hair and gave her bangs, and then pulled the sides back with bobby pins. Once again, Nicole knocks it out of the park -- her girl looks totally appropriate but super cute and her hair is ridiculously shiny. Charlie's girl wanted ponytails, so Charlie pulled it half up and then all up in a second rubber band below, with a piece of hair wrapped around. Dee then cut her girl's hair with a very sharp, severe bang and did a pretty uneven job of it, though her girl is happy. Dean is concerned about Paulo and Dee -- Paulo because the curls don't last and Dee because of her horrible bangs. Dean was then really impressed with Daniel and Charlie. This means Nicole is deemed completely mediocre, right there in the middle (which surprises me a little bit). He loves Daniel listening exactly to his client but making it kid-friendly. He also points out how happy she is with her hair, which I think is half of his success here -- she's wriggling around with a grin on her face like a little puppy. He compliments Charlie on doing ponytails as requested but making it sturdy so it will stand up to the playground. The winner is... Daniel and mini-Jaclyn! I love, by the way, that he did a better job doing Charlie's Angels hair on a six-year-old than on a grown woman. Paulo points out that one way to win is to copy a judge's hair, and that next time you see him, his client is going to look like Mini Kim Vo. The more Paulo gets lumped in the bottom, the more carefree he gets about his interviews and he's become really amusing lately.

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