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Orange You Glad I Didn't Actually Want a Haircut?

The clients and stylists are all pulled to the front. Tabatha walks through and checks them all out -- Meredith's cut actually turned out quite well, and her clients hair is still super curly but short and sassy with longer bangs. Tabatha wonders if it's too frizzy, but Meredith claims it's better than before (true) and that "not all frizz is bad." (... true?) Glenn gave her client a short, pixie-ish cut and Tabatha questions if it's right on a young girl. Glenn defends it but Tabatha is spot-on, as Glenn somehow left pieces too long, plastered it to the girl's head, and added at least ten years. The poor girl knows it, too. Charlie's client looks great and loves her close-cropped cut. Dee left the sides of her client's hair pretty heavy, as Tabatha points out, and while Dee thinks this means she can wake up and go, thick-haired me thinks it means get up, wrestle with a brush, hair dryer, iron, and tons of product to get it to not look like a mushroom cap. Tabatha looks at Nekisa's client and asks if she tried to blend in the broken bits of hair. Nekisa announces that she didn't try, she did it but Tabatha gets the last word in that it's sticking out, so she actually didn't. Matthew's client has a short cut with longer pieces in front, and it looks sleek and great. Parker gave his client the exact same cut, but it's shaggier and less sleek than Matthew's. Nicole's client has a sleek black bob with bangs and looks great, but Tabatha asks Nicole if the cut was supposed to be symmetrical. Nicole says that it was and sounds dismayed that it might not be. Daniel gives his client a flippy bob, saying that the flips help it not look like a football helmet. Gail gave her client a chin-length curly bob and gives Tabatha an icy death stare when Tabatha points out that the cut will start to look like a helmet as soon as her hair grows. Paolo is there fighting for his short bob on his round-faced client. It turned out better than I predicted, but Tabatha doesn't seem to be a fan.

Tabatha gives the usual judge comment that some are great and some aren't. Nicole and Charlie are the top two this week, with Charlie the winner and Nicole once again the runner-up. Charlie's client does a cute little dance in her chair. The bottom two are Paolo and Nekisa, neither of which is a surprise. I hope these two poor clients get a free make-up cut, seeing as how they sit and listen while Tabatha tells them that their hair shape and texture doesn't suit them. There can only be one loser, though, and that's Nekisa. Nekisa makes excuses and clearly is going to go try and kill Tabatha in her sleep. Back at the house Paolo rants and raves about the feedback he got, while Meredith offers toasts to both the winners and losers. She then admits as an aside that she thinks Nicole and Charlie are the only ones to worry about. I'll give her Nicole, but Charlie seems to be the kind who is going to pull something crazy that will take him straight out of the competition one of these weeks.

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