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Orange You Glad I Didn't Actually Want a Haircut?

There's a whole lot of talk about what people want, but the one memorable comment is Gail, who tells us that her client had a traumatic experience with extensions once. I... I've got nothing. TRAUMATIC EXTENSIONS, people. These are a bunch of long-haired women who want to keep their long hair and their color. No one wants any actual change. The housewives are offered champagne, which Paulo points out is just what is needed to mellow them out. I wish I had some champagne right now. The champagne doesn't seem to work, as Vicki just keeps freaking out about what is happening to her daughter's hair. Parker then talks about his lack of color experience again. Yawn. Gail is putting lowlights in her client's hair, as her client has forbidden her to cut. That is just one sucky luck of the draw, there. Vicki at one point actually runs over to see what they're doing to her daughter and to make sure they aren't losing any of her hair's length. Excuse me while I take a moment to call my mom and thank her for being absolutely nothing like this freakshow. There's a bit more freaking out, and then time is called. My prediction is that we're about to see a whole lot of women who look exactly the same as they did when they came in.

Let's meet the judges! Again we have Kim Vo and Kelly Atherton, and they are joined by Tabatha, who was voted the Shear Genius Season 1 fan favorite. Jaclyn looks a little more pleased to be here today, and it might be her awesome hair this week, which is blown out all big and shiny. Nekisa's client Lauri is first. Her hair is still long and blonde, and just looks smoothed out nicely with some waves. Nekisa seems to think Tabatha is going to like that, for some reason. Daniel's client Megan had long brown hair, and now she has long brown hair with bangs! Paulo's client Vicki had long blonde hair, which is now long and blonde with a few extra layers and way too much product so that it looks a bit crispy. Nicole's client Jeana is the first one to really look better. Her hair had been really stringy, but on the runway it's soft and shiny, a bit shorter, a bit darker, and she now has bangs. Matthew's client Quinn wanted more body, and so he used a round brush on her hair. I think he darkened it up a bit too, maybe? Glenn's client Tamra had long blonde hair, and now has long blonde hair with layers. It does look much more well-maintained now, if not terribly different. Charlie's client Kara looks great. She had really long, dark hair. He brought it up a few inches so that it's still really long but has some shape, and gave her really long, thick bangs. He claims he softened the color but I must admit I can't tell.

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