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Orange You Glad I Didn't Actually Want a Haircut?

Gail's client Kimberly... looks exactly the same. This is probably on account of the fact that she wouldn't let Gail even trim her hair. The lowlights add pretty much nothing to the picture. Jaclyn looks vexed and we see why -- over Gail's comment that she thinks Kimberly could have used a few inches cut off we see the back of her hair, and how the bottom few inches thin out into ugly strings and an uneven line. Gail should have put her foot down. Parker's client Tammy had long dark hair that's now -- say it with me! -- long and dark with bangs. It's noticeably darker, and while the cut is really nice, the color is too dark now. Dee's client McKenzie went from long, really blonde hair to a cut just a few inches past her shoulders with lowlights in the blonde. She also cut bangs, and all together the look is great. She still looks young, but she looks much more put-together. Meredith's client Briana had long, blonde hair (wow, that's getting boring to type -- well, and to watch, frankly) into which she also cut bangs. She also seems to have put in some slightly darker color, which does look nice, though I feel like the bangs are a tad heavy for Briana's face.

It's time to call out some folks for conversations. First off are the ones who are safe: Daniel, Nicole, Matthew, Nekisa, and Meredith. They are sent away, and the other clients are brought out to stand with their stylists. First to be questioned is Gail, and the judges are surprisingly understanding about the not cutting, probably because Kimberly tells them how she forbade it and was so happy that Gail didn't override her like so many other stylists have done. I just wonder what it's like to spend your life resisting the people that want to help you actually look better? Gail says she focused on color and wishes she'd had more time to make it a bit ashier. She then describes how she styled it, with mousse and rollers. Tabatha isn't a fan of the color. Parker tells the judges how he darkened Tammy's hair, and Kim asks Tammy if she were to do it herself, would she have colored it this "deep?" She stutters that it's "okay," but there's a sharp cut so we have no idea what the rest of her sentence was. That in mind, maybe it wasn't as obvious when this took place that when Kim asked Parker if he'd do the same color again, Parker should have said that he would have gone lighter. Instead, Parker says he would do it all the same. Ooooh dear. The judges all hate it and think it isn't age-appropriate, but Jaclyn at least compliments the shine, which is rather spectacular.

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