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Orange You Glad I Didn't Actually Want a Haircut?

The top three are Glenn, Dee, and Charlie. "But only one of you is a cut above the rest." Oh, Jaclyn, you slay me! I wonder what hair pun we'll have next week. She compliments all of them with the very same comments we've already heard. Dee is safe, and then Jaclyn announces that Charlie is the winner. He does a cute dance but interviews that he knows this could be a jinx and that he needs to be on the ball next week. Glenn is also sent back, safe.

The bottom three are Paulo, Parker, and Gail. Jaclyn reiterates all of their problems for maximum humiliation, but only one can go home that week. Jaclyn tells Gail she's safe, but before she can announce the loser she notices that Daniel is crying, and he says it's because it's just so sad that someone has to go home and they're all so good, blah blah blah sobcakes. Charlie brilliantly interviews, "I was like, girl, the Oscars are over. I know you want to win best supporting actress, but really." See, Charlie needs to not try so hard to be the villain and instead should just be the obnoxious, hilarious shit that he is. That moment over, Jaclyn then sends Parker home. He was honored to be there, glad to make it as far as he did, etc., and Jaclyn reminds him that they are all winners. This is the most touchy-feely elimination I've ever seen on television! He leaves, and then Jaclyn reminds them to keep getting better and have a good night. Parker packs up his stuff and talks about what a great experience this was for him, and how he leaves with some humility. Seriously, who knew reality contestants could be so classy? Not me, that's for sure.

What were the most hair-raising moments on TV? TWoP Asks the Shear Genius stylists. See what they had to say. Discuss this episode in our forums, then see what other shows are starting up in the weeks to come in our Summer of Love and Hate!

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