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We're down to four stylists, kids. And one of those is Brig. And I'm coming down with a cold, which is sure to make me extra-excited for her work this week! Today, the models are already waiting for them when they file in to the salon, and there is something big covered in a black shroud. Janine's work goes up on the Allure Wall of Fame, and away we go. Today's guest judge is celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. After introducing him, he pulls the shroud off and there's a crazy contraption Camila calls a board, though it's more like bookshelves connected with piping, but "board" is easier to write so let's go with that. On the board there four different tools (sponge rollers, curling iron, flat iron, crimping iron), four techniques (finger waves, bangs, mullet(!), braids) and four inspirations (rainbow, Paris, ocean, disco ball). Everyone is going to have to use one of each of the elements, and after choosing scissor boxes to determine picking order, they line up. Jon's all excited to be up first until Camila tells them they will be picking one of each thing for the person to their left. As Janine is on Brig's left, she looks like she wants to murder Camila. Jon picks the sponge rollers, finger waves and Paris for Brig (and tries to claim he picked something she'd want, rather than doing what he did for strategy) who looks decidedly less excited now about the challenge than she did when it was first announced. Brig picks the mullet, the rainbow and the crimping iron. Brig gives the most hate-filled, manic interview telling Janine to try to keep smiling -- she's seriously so consumed with hating her and Matthew it's disturbing. Just try doing good work, honey. Janine picks the flat iron, braids and the ocean for Matthew, because she knows he'd want them, which leaves Jon with the curling iron, bangs and a disco ball. They'll be judged on how they incorporate all three elements, and helping judge is the Editor-in-Chief of Allure, Linda Wells. I think Matthew just peed a little, he's so excited. She warns everyone to use good taste, so Brig might be at a disadvantage with this one.

They get to work, Matthew is going to work a ton of mermaid extensions into his beachy, flat-ironed braids. If the hair is wavy, is that really using the flat iron? Jon wants to do an afro, and Brig wants to cut all of her model's hair off, but her model needs to be seriously talked into it and looks about as excited as Janine for all this. Janine then meets her model, who has an awesomely horrified look about a crimped, rainbow mullet, but both seem to have good enough attitudes about it. Janine seems determined just to prove Brig wrong and tells us how she's dyeing extensions in rainbow gradations. Brig's poor model looks both heartbroken and terrified to have her thick hair cut to a little longer than shoulder-length.

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