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Nine stylists enter, and only eight leave. Who will be CUT this week? [Ba-dum-bump.] Oh my goodness, Brig has added brassy orange extensions to her always understated look. And Jon has a big cut on his nose that looks like he got punched, which we see when Camila unveils his hairstyle from last week on the Allure Wall of Fame. There's a pause, punctuated by some little grunts from Adee, and when asked by Camila he admits he's got food poisoning but says he'll be fine. In an interview, though, he admits to not giving a shit (his words) about the challenge. I can't really blame him, especially as he admits it's a bad attitude but he's feeling nasty. Food poisoning is ugly. Camila introduces the judge, and there are some time-filling lingering shots of the stylists before Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson's BFF, walks through the door. He's known for "expertise in hair extensions," and she mentions his own line, which I actually thought was marketed as J. Simp's line, with just some help from Ken. (To all of you who clicked on that link and now can't stop singing "A Public Affair" like me -- you're welcome!) What will So.Cap say about competing extensions on this show?? The short cuts challenge is going to be all about extensions, but the twist is that the clients are... men. Everyone except Brig is delighted. Ken tells the skeptical stylists that extensions on women are easy, but on men they are more difficult. Yes, as we are no longer in 1984 when Bon Jovi's locks were a sought-after look, I believe that's true. Camila tells them to give these guys a longer, sexier look, and the winner will receive an advantage in the elimination challenge.

Everyone draws their scissor boxes, and Matthew gets #1 and chooses a curly-haired guy first. When it's Adee's turn, he chooses a guy "who looks cool." I hope that works as well for him as picking the hot girl did last week. Amy's last, and gets a guy with normal, thick, brown... guy hair. There's no other way to describe it. Everyone starts grabbing extensions and gets to work. As I watch this, all I can think about is when my friends got these extensions as part of a promotion, and one used them to go as Fergie for Halloween. I will give credit where credit is due -- they actually looked quite good on. Amy is pretty positive until her client starts talking, and he's skeptical about Amy knowing what she's doing and is worried his hair might fall out. She stays pretty nice as she points out that they all have an idea of what they are doing to have gotten onto this program, but in a separate interview admits she can't stand the guy. Brig kind of insults her guy, and thinks he needs a cut rather than more hair, though as that's not the point maybe she should just get on with the challenge at hand. She's going to cut and then go long in front. Faatemah is worried as well but is going to go long and create something that can be put in a ponytail. Janine wants to go Elvis, and if her client's voice is anything to go off of, he's skeptical. Matthew's plan is to go "bigger and better" and confidently tells us that he's great at extensions. Adee decides to not put in any extensions because he thinks they look terrible on men, and his client is clearly worried about him having this attitude before he's even begun. Adee doesn't give a crap, and thinks he doesn't need anyone judging him while he's sick, though honestly from what we've seen he doesn't think he needs anyone judging him anytime, so I'm not sure how this is that different. April is confident, as she does a lot of long men's hair and is thinking of a Richard Gere look for her silver fox of a client.

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