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Adee gripes to Ken about how his work hasn't been going over well, and Matthew has a brilliant interview in which he calls him out on making excuses when things get tough, and advises that he just suck it up and work. Well said, as Adee's whining and mock-not-caring really has reached a phenomenal pitch. Faatemah admits she's crossing her fingers, since she has no experience with men's hair. April, prompted by Ken, thinks she is the one to beat. The music then goes somber, the camera pans over to Adee pacing, and then he leans over and barfs into a trash can before leaving the salon with the can and a "fuck this."

His client looks understandably worried, probably at the idea of coming out of this challenge with only a single scrawny extension as well as a stomach bug. The stylists all talk about his being sick while they spray and color and extend. It looks like April is potentially having some time issues, while Brig points out that Amy's style is unfortunately mullet-esque.

It's time to see the results. Before bringing up the models, Camila tells them that Adee won't be judged on account of his illness, and it's obvious that despite saying they hoped he felt better, everyone is pissed off at this kindly turn of events. Matthew's client is up next and he's got a white-boy afro going on, with defined curls. As it basically pumped up his regular hair, it suits him quite well. Brian is up next, and his guy looks like the oldest Jonas Brother. Ken is not fond of the bangs. Brig is up next, and she gave her guy longer hair on top and in front, which just looks lank and bad, and Ken tells her that while it was gutsy to use the extensions on the top of his head, he looks feminine. Feminine, or greasy serial killer -- potato/po-tah-to. Janine is up next, and her guy's hair is now dark and has a bouffant made of extensions. Ken points out she really could have done the same thing without the extensions, but the guy carries it well even though it gives him a five-head. Brig calls it a Wayne Newton, and while it's a bit apt, I think she's bitter that you wouldn't be afraid to be in a dark alley with Janine's client. Faatemah is up next, and her client has a lank little ponytail that Ken accurately describes as a "George Washington look". Then, to Faatemah's horror, he almost takes the ponytail out, which she points out will reveal a heinous mullet. Fortunately for her, her client rethinks it. You know those extensions are coming out five seconds after this camera is turned off. She awesomely admits that if someone asked her out and had this hair that she created, she'd totally turn him down. What do you know, she finally just grew on me a little, for the first time this season! April is up next, and her client honestly looks the same, with a bit more color. Ken points out that with all her talking earlier, he also expected way more out of her than this and says it's Bea Arthur in Maude. Oof, don't underwhelm Ken, kids! Jon is up next, and his guy looks like a Fall Out Boy with some long bangs with shorter, spiky dark hair. Amy's client is up next, and Ken compliments her having just clipped the extensions in rather than glued. It's a bad cut -- it's not a mullet, but it's just kind of stringy and looks like his old cut that needs a trim -- but this guy is an absolute dick and says he isn't happy with it and that it looks like 1984 trailer trash. I'm impressed that Amy kept any nasty comments to herself. Ken obviously doesn't like having to pick a bottom two, but he calls out Faatemah and Amy. Honestly, I think he's sorry to put Amy in the bottom just because I have to imagine he was a bit taken aback by her client's attitude and would have preferred to have left him to stew without the satisfaction of Amy getting such negative feedback. The top two are Matthew, whose client is so cute and happily gives him a pat on the shoulder, and Janine, who jumps up and hugs Matthew. For making his client look even younger and hunkier, Ken names Matthew the winner. Camila then dismisses them for the night and says she and Ken will see them the next day.

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