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Oh dude, I'd already forgotten about Adee. The others get home and find him sleeping, and Brig obnoxiously says she's glad because this way she can beat him fair and square. Each of them has their annoying personality traits, but I'll root for Adee a hundred times before I will for Brig. April declares that they need to light sage so that no one else gets hurt or sick. And there you have your tiny, wacky, apartment segment of tonight's episode.

The next morning, Adee is up and dressed and Brig tells him it's good to see him, and that she's going to beat him. She then swaggers off while everyone looks disdainfullly after her, and Janine hilariously describes her as, "that awkward, not-funny Napoleon Dynamite character" who everyone wants to just shut up. Janine tells the others she thinks Brig is nuts, and Brig saunters back in with an extra ridiculously large bow on her head, sans makeup, to say she's glad Janine is talking about her because it's the first time she hasn't talked about just herself. It would have packed more punch if anyone else agreed with her even a little bit. Janine asks, "Does she have medicine?" Brig claims to love it, that this way she'll do even better so she can enjoy seeing them eliminated. All that nasty orange hair dye has done something to her brain, as from what I've seen so far there's no way she's winning this thing.

They find themselves all out at a horse ranch, and Camila is of course in a floor-length strapless pink gown with pairs of models, one male, one female, standing next to her. Brig loves it because she thinks the bug and dirt throws everyone else off, but here they are 20 minutes from where she lives. Ah yes, the SUBURB I mentioned before. Camila tells them they will be styling a cover shoot, and the models turn over cards to reveal romance novel covers. Jon loves it, while the others seem less than thrilled; their reactions are even more lackluster when Camila tells them they will be working in teams of two. Quickly everyone's sole thought becomes, "I'd better not get stuck with Brig." Matthew's advantage is that he'll pair everyone up and then will assign their models. Adee admits he's not a team player as Camila points out there are nine people, so one will wind up working alone. Matthew decides to work with Janine, who figures that he'd rather work with than against her. He chooses their models, Tangled in Romance, then pairs April and Jon and gives them "Roped Into You. Brian and Amy get Red Feather Reservations while Adee and Faatemah get Heart-Shaped Tempest and that leaves a pretty ticked-looking Brig to work alone, but she of course strikes a triumphant pose as Matthew interviews that he thinks she'll alienate herself even more and basically do herself in. Her title is The Spiral of My Emotions. They have two hours to prepare, except for Brig who will have 15 extra minutes. They'll be judged both by the photo as well as how they work, and will be judged individually in front of the panel later.

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