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April and Jon are up next, with Roped Into You. April loves her big, extensioned hair, and I have to say it looks awesome and sexy in big, messy curls. Jon is darting in and out between photos to fix things, and while he seems sort of manic the judges are impressed that he's really working. The guy's hair is suitably Fabio for their cover, all big and blown out. Amy and Brian then have their turn with "Red Feather Reservations." The female model also has just big, wavy, sexy hair that's loose, while the guy looks a little bit crazy, all teased and super high up top with a thin headband wrapped around in which I assume is the red feather, though I can't see it from this angle. Brian talks to his models about their inspiration, which is hilarious as he's reminding the girl how long it's been since she's seen her man, but the problem is he's not doing much with the hair. Finally, Brig comes up with The Spiral of My Emotion. She got her female model's hair curled, but it's not as big and sexy as some of the others, though I'll give her that she had to do the spiral curls based on the title. She just maybe could have... shaken them out more? I don't know, this seems a little old-timey picture at the fair to me. She admits to being a little intimidated on set, and then admits that the girl's hair isn't where it was supposed to or needs to be. Jonathan doesn't like her guy's hair, which just looks like it needs a good wash, hanging all lank and boring, and... is that a braid? Oh lord, she also has a piece of it in a braid. I feel like that's never a good idea on a man, romance novel or not. Brig interviews that she knows everyone wants to see her go, but she's there to fight for her spot.

Camila then welcomes them all to judging, introduces the judges, and brings up the photos. Matthew and Janine are up first, and their cover is cheesy and fantastic, which I mean totally as a compliment. He explains that the guy's hair was to be more tangled from the sea, while the girl's hair was meant to be more virginal, and they nailed it. I'd like that girl's hair for myself, please. Brig rolls her eyes as the two of them go on about how great it was. They describe how they worked well together and divided up the work fairly evenly, but when asked who led Matthew says it was him and Janine drops her smile for just a second. Overall, the judges are pleased.

Next up are Brian and Amy, and I had not noticed the rubber arrow sticking out of the guy's chest -- it's supposed to be right through a sling already on his arm and it's hilarious. The girl's hair looks a little flatter than it did in person, but there are the "soft waves" that Amy wanted. Brian talks about how much teasing he did, and Jonathan looks like he's preparing to just rip into them. Kim thinks the color was too salon-fresh looking, and the judges realize you can't even see the feather that was kind of the point of the whole shebang, and that Brian never thought to move it. Jonathan rips Amy for the girl's hair being lifeless.

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