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Brig is up next, and her models look like they have matching perms. She apparently braided the guy's hair wet and then let it set. Kim loves the fact that Brig used really light extensions in back of the girl's hair, though he admits he's not sure she did that on purpose. Jonathan doesn't like the guy's ratty hair but gives her props for doing both of them by herself. Matthew has his own turn to look nauseated at her compliments.

We then see Jon and April's cover, and Jon's job on the girl's hair was great -- she's got huge curls and tons of volume. Kim nails April on her giving the guy truly feathered hair, though she loves all the volume with the extensions. I still say it's very Fabio. April fights back a bit that she still loves it, and Kim isn't happy to have his opinion challenged. Jonathan compliments Jon's hair but does point out that he was aggressive with the model; Jon admits that's just who he is.

Finally, Adee and Faatemah are up, and it's just as bad as I feared. Adee tells them that he was inspired by Last of the Mohicans but nowhere in that movie did I see guys with two different hairdos at the same time -- one half is in a braid, while the other is down and just kind of fuzzy and boring. Adee says the guy's haircut is amazing, but Jonathan calls it messy and unfinished. Adee of course bristles at this and begins fighting louder and louder. Jonathan points out that haircutting doesn't have to do with styling a picture, so Adee says "Fuck that picture." It's insane, did this guy not know what it was going to entail, being on this show? That there would be challenges with guidelines that he would have to follow? Because he seems to think that if he just does what he wants to and feels it's great, the judges should love it even if it has no relation to anything. Faatemah has to be relieved that she probably won't get booted for her awful hairdo with Adee practically inviting them to kick him off. Camila says this is the business, and Adee snaps that it's the business to pick a bad picture. Dude. Xanax. Anger management. Try it. She just finishes that in real life you don't get to choose the picture. Faatemah's girl looks like she's wearing a hat with flowers -- her hair doesn't even look like it's part of her head. She takes full responsibility for it, and clearly knows it's bad. Ken points out that it is much more Roman than Mohican. They try to figure out what she was thinking, and she finally admits she ran out of time, but when she says she also didn't have a good point of reference, Jonathan breaks in and blusters that it's no excuse. I agree, but then again I think they kind of pushed her into making an excuse when before she was happy to just admit it's awful and move on. Incredibly though, back in the salon she changes her tune and says she thinks it looks nice. For the millionth time, folks -- nice isn't the issue, the issue is if you did remotely what you were asked to do.

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