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The judges deliberate -- everyone loves Matthew and Janine's cover and the girl's amazing color. They like but don't love Jon and April's cover, and love Jon's hairdo but Camila can't let go of how rough he was with the model. Next, Ken gives Adee credit for a beautiful cut, but calls out exactly that he's just trying to prove he's an editorial London stylist with no regard at all for what he's actually been asked to do. Faatemah is knocked for doing an over-the-top hairdo that was both bad and apparently not even finished to her liking. Oh lord, they all love Brig's work. If the floor could open up and swallow both her and Adee this week, I'd do a happy dance. They agree that Amy's hair was fine but boring. Finally, they discuss Brian's hair -- Jonathan has nothing nice to say, and again they point out how dumb it was to not have the feather showing. With that, the stylists are called back in.

Camila says that two teams were clearly above the rest, and those were Brig, who gets a single clap from Jon, and Matthew and Janine; they all clearly loathe being on the podium together. Camila compliments them all, and then names Matthew as the winner. Amazingly, Brig gives him a handshake and what sounds like a sincere congrats. He wins a shot on the Allure Wall of Fame and his pick of model in the next short cut challenge.

Adee and Faatemah are then called up as the only team in the bottom this week. They are reminded of their flaws and then made to stew a few moments before she dismisses... FAATEMAH? What the what? Way to encourage Adee's attitude problem, judges. Everyone else is stunned beyond belief. Camila reminds Adee that he's talented but needs to figure out a way to "execute [his] vision." It's only going to get harder, blah blah blah, and remember, "Hair is important." Honestly, worst catchphrase ever. Faatemah gives a really classy exit interview about what a good experience she had, which just goes to show that she was too boring to be on reality TV when they had a Brit with tattoos and an attitude problem who could stir the pot that they could keep around.

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