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We've reached the end of the road, my darlings! Welcome to the final challenge, where our stylists are vying to be the shearest, geniusest one of all. Brig, Matthew and Janine file in, not to the salon, but to a studio of some sort where Orlando and Camila are waiting for them. Matthew is smug, having had no doubt he'd be in the final three, Brig is elated, and Janine is thinking about her one-in-three chance at winning a hundred grand. (The dollars, not the candy bar.) Camila introduces designer Henry Duarte, as they will be working with him on the final challenge -- all three are incredibly stoked. (I would link to his website to show us any of his clothes if it were actually working.) Everyone best describes his designs as very rock 'n roll and edgy. The final challenge is to design the hair of the models walking in Henry's runway show -- each stylist will be styling six models, and each will have 10 minutes to consult with Henry before heading back to the salon to pick their assistants. They will be judged on how well the styles relate to the clothing lines, and how cohesive their styles are as a collection.

Janine is up first for her consultation. Six models file in, and she goes through the clothes hanging nearby while he tells her he wants a futuristic look rather than retro. She wants to combine different textures but still stay sleek; she describes it as "rock 'n roll, but obscure." Matthew is up next and Henry tells him that this part of his collection is more architectural and clean, and again mentions the future. Matthew goes through the clothes and says the same thing as Janine almost word-for-word, that he is so happy Henry mentioned the future, since he was already thinking of going in that direction. He wants to use a lot of leather in what he calls, "bondage-y" style. Finally Brig has her meeting and we are three for three with the futuristic theme. Henry wants the hair to be theatrical, and Brig wants to do something comic book-inspired. She tells him that one idea she has is to laminate the hair and then layer it. This could either be very cool or go very, very wrong.

The gang goes back to the salon, Brig gets her hairdo from last week put on the Allure Wall of Fame, and Camila tells her that she'll have an advantage for winning last week, but doesn't say what it will be.

After a commercial, the people who will be their assistants file in and... surprise! (Totally not!) It's six of our shear non-geniuses. The finalists are all super-excited, and after much squealing Camila tells Brig she gets to choose her assistants first, and then pick the order in which Matthew and Janine will pick theirs. Janine knows how this is going go. Brig chooses Faatemah for her talent, even though she knows Faatemah totally doesn't like her -- and in fact, Faatemah says she can't even stand the sound of Brig's voice -- but Brig hopes she'll be professional and get it done. She then chooses April for her experience working many fashion weeks in the past. Shockingly, Brig has Janine pick next in a display of girl power, and so she picks Arzo because she knows she'll work well under pressure and execute well. Matthew then picks Amy, Janine picks Jon, and Brian, sad at being last, goes to work with Matthew. They're getting three hours to style in the salon now and then will have an additional 3.5 hours backstage before the show the next day. Orlando warns them to be good leaders, Camila bids them adieu and then the models file in and their three hours begin.

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