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Last up are Janine's models. The first has straight hair on top going into the tiny frizzy curls but is a bit longer on one side than the other which gives the illusion that it's swept to one side. There was also something that looked like an extra long piece of straight hair hanging out on one side, but as I never saw it again I'm going to just guess it was something on the clothes and move on. The next three models have very similar 'dos with the chains stapled in the back. These are all a bit longer and are uniform length on each side. She then has a model with a ponytail in back that's bound with black and silver hardware so it sticks straight out, while her last model has the same type of thing but it sticks straight up and is folded over at the top to make a little fountain. The ends of her hair are coming out the base of the ponytail to create bangs, which are a bit frizzy like the first styles. And that's the show!

Everyone heads back to the normal judging digs, and after Camila introduces the regulars and Linda Wells, she reminds the stylists what's at stake: $100,000, an apprenticeship with Nexxus, the opportunity to style the hair for an Allure photo shoot, representation from the Magnet Agency and, last but not least, being declared the winner of Shear Genius. Brig's critique is first, and her six models file in to the room. She tells the judges that her inspiration was "Bjork as a superhero." [I read a lot of comic books, and I have never seen a superheroine wrap plastic around her hair. My grandmother used to, though, when it rained. - Z] She describes how she used the tape to laminate hair, and Jonathan is the first to speak up and point out that this seems to be a bunch of hats, asking why she didn't style more of the models' actual hair. Brig points out (rightly) that she figured they wouldn't have wanted their actual hair laminated. He considers what she did just accessorizing, but Kim jumps to her defense and says that the work is amazing and very high-fashion. Linda Wells feels the same way and thinks the hair enhanced the clothes, and Camila congratulates her for doing something she's never seen before.

Matthew's models file in next, and he says he was going kind of Mad Max, and a lot of sleek versus matte textures. Linda Wells loves the zippers and his last long mohawk look. Kim thinks Matthew only half-committed to the bald-cap looks and could have gone more futuristic, and says that he doesn't see a story through the six styles. Jonathan keeps up his disagreeing with Kim and says he loves every one of the styles and doesn't have a single problem with any of it, and Camila mostly loves it all. She bridges Kim's and Jonathan's opinions by saying she thought it lacked a bit of consistency, and his first two looks (the ones that were long and frizzy and long and dreads) were something she'd seen before.

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