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Finally Janine's models are brought in, and the first thing she pointedly mentions is that she used almost all of just their own hair. Kim thinks that her two ponytailed styles don't quite match with the big frizzy looks of the other four. Jonathan thinks her work is technically amazing, but he wishes she had pushed herself a bit more. Linda keeps up her positive commentary and thinks Janine did a great job going edgy but beautiful. Camila loves her work but says she's seen this before, and Janine's answer to that is she thinks the challenge is to take something that has been done and do it even better. Kim gives her a "fair enough," nod in response to that.

They are dismissed, and in the salon, Matthew takes the girls' hands and says they all need to remember that ultimately this is just four people's opinions. In other words, "This is how I'm preparing myself to accept it if I'm not announced as the winner." Brig gives him a good luck fist bump but when she offers the same to Janine, she just twirls in her chair a bit. Oh come ON, Janine, now it's over and it's fine to make brief contact. I promise your hair won't turn yellow.

When the judges discuss Brig, Jonathan immediately rips her for not actually giving them any hairstyles. Linda stands up to him to disagree, since Brig used hair in her creations and Linda loved all of it. Camila thinks she's ahead of her time, and Kim nods in agreement and compliments the "sophisticated color." Poor Jonathan is turning red under his eerily even tan in disagreement. They move on, and Jonathan loves Matthew's work as much as he hates Brig's. Linda thinks his good looks were great, but his bad looks were terrible. I was about to disagree with her until I saw a shot of the one model's visible skull cap -- yikes. Kim compliments the zippers but wishes there were more of a mohawk theme through all the looks. Finally they discuss Janine, and Linda positively gushes with love over the styles, while Camila says she's seen this too many times before in fashion shows. Jonathan falls in the middle here and calls it "good," but Kim loves the texture and thinks it was technically amazing and also beautiful. Camila wraps up the judging by saying all of the work was impressive, and then calls the stylists back in for the last time.

Camila first tells Brig that her work was beautiful, fashion-forward, and definitely original. She then tells Matthew that they loved how his different looks complemented the clothes, and ends the compliment parade by telling Janine that her styles were edited and focused, and "you put a refreshing new spin on runway hair." Clearly, she was told to say that, as we just heard her say the exact opposite thing a moment ago. All of that said, it's time to dismiss someone, and the first one to go is... Matthew?!? I didn't expect that. Brig and Janine both look sick with nerves, and Matthew says he's proud of his work and that he loves the girls before hugging both of them and leaving.

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