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Hair is Important

So now it's down to tiny pink top hat versus giant black bow. Which head adornment will win?? After making them wait a few more agonizing moments, she tells BRIG THAT SHE IS THE WINNER OH EM GEE. Janine manages a smile and even gives Brig a hug before stepping away, and Brig breaks down in sobs. She's thrilled and proud, and as confetti rains down she hugs all of the judges and then is joined by all of the other stylists who bring her congratulations and champagne. In her final interview she talks about how this Simi Valley girl beat people from all over the world, and tells us to never underestimate the competition. Well, she definitely went out on a limb more than anyone else and put an individual stamp on everything, and though not all of it was my cup of tea, I offer her my own congratulations. Finally, Camila gathers everyone together and one last time reminds us: Hair is important! With that, the most mystifying and ridiculous catchphrase currently on TV, my important hair and I thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this season of weecaps!

Watch the dollar dis and discuss it in our forums, then learn from Brig how to get fake bangs!

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