The Empty Hearse

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I Don't Shave For Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock says, "Wait. Before you do anything that you might regret, um, one question. Just let me ask one question. Um..." He chokes down the threatening giggle fit and gestures to his own upper lip. "Are you really gonna keep that?" Sherlock looks from John, to Mary. Unbidden, a laugh bursts from her lips. Then it's game on.

John grabs Sherlock by the lapels and shoves him across the floor and then down onto it. Sherlock tries to save himself from a well-deserved throttling. Mary and nearby guests rush to pull John off of Sherlock. We cut to a...

Small cafe. Sitting across a red and white checkered cloth covered table from John and Mary, Sherlock seems under the impression that he's answering a reporter's questions. "I calculated that there were 13 possibilities once I'd invited Moriarty onto the roof. I wanted to avoid dying if at all possible." He continues speaking as we flash back to scenes from "The Reichenbach Fall." Sherlock continues. "The first scenario involved hurling myself into a parked hospital van filled with washing bags. Impossible. The angle was too steep. Secondly, a system of Japanese wrestling..."

John's already heard enough. "You know, for a genius you can be remarkably thick. [...] I don't care how you faked it, Sherlock. I wanna know why." Sherlock, missing the point entirely, begins to drone on about how Moriarty had to be stopped, then bothers to gage John's reaction. "Oh. Why, as in..." When John nods, Sherlock says, "I see. Yes. Why. That's a little more difficult to explain." John says he has all night.

Sherlock clears his throat. "Actually, um, that was mostly Mycroft's idea." John raises an eyebrow at that. Mary is completely captivated by the story. "Oh, he would have needed a confidante." When she turns to John and reads his face she adds, "Sorry." John asks if Mycroft was the only one who knew.

Sherlock admits a "couple" of other people knew. "It was a very elaborate plan. It had to be. The next of the 13 possibilities..." John interrupts. "Who else? Who else knew? Who?" Eventually Sherlock admits Molly was in on it, too. "And some of my homeless network. And that's all." John straightens up and looks from Mary to Sherlock. "Okay. Okay. So just your brother, and Molly Hooper, and a hundred tramps." Sherlock snickers. "No! Twenty-five at most." John flies across the table -- hands straining for Sherlock's neck. We cut to a...

Tiny Take-Away Shop. There are only two tables. A couple is seated at one. Sherlock, John, and Mary are standing by the counter. Sherlock dabs at his now cut lip and asks John if he's keeping the mustache. When John says Mary likes it, Sherlock disagrees. John insists otherwise, but Sherlock persists. John looks from Sherlock to Mary and then back again.

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