The Empty Hearse

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I Don't Shave For Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock and John make their way to the door. There are reporters outside, hungry for a statement. They acknowledge Tim's similarity to Sherlock, without articulating it. John says he's still waiting for Sherlock to figure out who kidnapped him and how and if it all ties in. Sherlock hasn't figure it out yet, but guarantees he will.

When John suggests that Sherlock is enjoying all the attention of being the hero again, Sherlock denies it, badly. John says, "You love it." Sherlock asks, "What?" John says, "Being Sherlock Holmes." Sherlock says, "I don't even know what that's supposed to mean." On their way to the door, John asks if Sherlock is ever going to tell him how he faked his death. I think you blew that chance in the cafe, John, though I can't blame you. John confesses he went to Sherlock's grave, made a little speech, and asked him not to be dead. Sherlock's voice is soft as he admits, "I heard you." They exchange looks, then Sherlock starts off. "Anyway, time to be Sherlock Holmes." As an afterthought, he grabs the deerstalker and places it snugly on his curly, crazy head. Outside, the reporters and photographers close in around Holmes and Watson.

Elsewhere, in a dark room, a man repeatedly watches footage of Sherlock and Mary rescuing John from the bonfire. It must be on a loop because we keep hearing Mary shout John's name and get several shots of Sherlock saving him. Our unknown(ish) villain pauses on Sherlock's face. Fade to black.

Now it's up to you how you receive this text. Are you a Watson, a Hudson, a Lestrade, a Mary, a Molly or an Anderson? The writers don't get to define you. Only you can tell your story.

I'll be back next week with coverage of "The Sign of Three." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page, and then come on over to our brand-spanking new Sherlock forum where we don't shave for Sherlock Holmes; we wax.

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